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    Fan blower functions quit working

    On my 2001 Jeep Wrangler I replaced the resistor and blower motor about 3 years ago for same issue… now today the highest Setting for the blower quit working!! Right when the dam temps are hitting over 100 degrees. I have a 2006 f150 225000 mi on it never had an issue not sure who the f..king...
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    What is the best 2.5 inch lift kit for improved ride quality?

    Hi, interested in putting a 2.5” lift kit on my 2001 Jeep Wrangler sahara 4.0I looking for best rout to go either a kit or peice meal? Looking for quality shocks good springs and steering stabilizer etc. thanks any help appreciated.
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    Radiator cap leak

    My 2001 Jeep Wrangler leaks from underneath the radiator cap. It’s an aftermarket all aluminum radiator from about 6 years ago. Recently started having issues of fluid leaking from under the cap. I’ve replaced cap (OME) with one from parts store…. When I bought radiator it came with radiator...
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    2001 Jeep Wrangler Sahara need shocks

    What is a good all around shock that improves the ride on street with minor trail riding? Bilsteen? Ranch? Need some info from guys that have improved thier vehicles ride with new shocks
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    Had a miss fire code p0300

    Just giving the full picture... that i had previously replaced the coil pack
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    Had a miss fire code p0300

    Fyi these plugs and current coil pack were replaced in 2014 when i had to redo the head when i blew the head gasket
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    Had a miss fire code p0300

    So recommend action was to replace spark plugs ....check the pics and see what you think of the plugs i pulled out these were the worst ones
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    Any recommendations on fuel injector wiring replacement?

    Noticed the wiring going into fuel injectors the insulation is cracking and chipping... i do currently have a p0300 fault ...any recommendations on wiring replacement?
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    6x6 TJ: good or bad?

    Gladiator eat your heart ❤️ out!
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    Thoughts on Pirelli Scorpion tires?

    I went to tire works to have the rim swapped so i could use the second tire and i ended up buying 4 toyo overlanders
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    Thoughts on Pirelli Scorpion tires?

    Here is a pic of said tires
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    Thoughts on Pirelli Scorpion tires?

    I should preface that i was given 2 of these tires by a friend who didnt like the road noise they made on his truck
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    Thoughts on Pirelli Scorpion tires?

    Thinking of putting on a set of Pirelli Scorpion tires on jeep, size is 265 75 16 on my 01 sahara.. yes i know i need spacers and lift kit... i need to know what people think of them.
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    Thinking of going with a 2" OME lift

    Can you recommend a good set of tires (some what agresive tread) for occasional off road and mostly normal driving
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    Thinking of going with a 2" OME lift

    I see your in florence Az i was there for three days visiting a relative that was being held in one of many prisons there! Not a whole lot there to do except to off road in the desert 🌵 i see lol