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    05 Flame Red TJ Build

    Great idea to use the flat as a learning opportunity. Better to learn now then to experiment on the trail.
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    Daily Driver, Go Where I Want To Build

    The guy wants 500 for the other 3 now. By moab time he may be giving them away.
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    Aggressive drivers toward Jeeps?

    Nope but I once had some lady give me the finger when I was stopped at a stop sign and she was taking out her trash cans. Not sure what it was about but figured she was just mad at the world because she had to take the trash cans out herself.
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    The crack is back 2.0

    I'm going to toss some glow sticks in my hood and ask 65k. Any takers?
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    05 Flame Red TJ Build

    Titan - bought on amazon.
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    05 Flame Red TJ Build

    At least I recall you have the wheels 😅
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    05 Flame Red TJ Build

    I can't keep track anymore. All my jeep stuff has been in boxes since mid summer and everything feels upside down. (The joys of moving). But, it's good to know they're in good hands and I won't go crazy looking for them in the future.
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    05 Flame Red TJ Build

    I ran the 1/4" spacers without issue. If I had any clue where they were I'd ship them out.
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    Digital license plates

    "One advantage is that the RPlate can display information about emergency situations. That can encompass anything from stolen car info to Amber Alerts. Another advantage is that the RPlate has tracking capabilities."
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    California NorCal Jeep adventures!

    That's impressive. That antenna you have is no joke. Puts all those CB'ers with 52" whips to shame.
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    California NorCal Jeep adventures!

    I have plenty of trail spares if you need them as well. Some top shelf stuff. 😉
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    Dana 30 to Dana 44 swap

    Do the flip. It's well worth it. Blaine's weld-on sway bar extensions and tie rod are also a solid buy if you choose to go that route. I drive by braille and mine hasn't had an issue yet. Bent 2 curries though.
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    A lesson learned—keep it light and nimble!

    I call the Savvy rub rails if you ever remove them. That said that build sounds awesome. Have you looked into the cost difference of a HP 44 vs the 30? Not sure if you could just buy a bare housing and swap parts but if you could that be nice. That way you could have the 5.38 gears also.
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    California NorCal Jeep adventures!

    Nothing is planned yet but I'm down. We'd been burned out of a trip the last 2 years so I am more than willing to plan something earlier in the year to avoid the fire season. I bet we can even convince @Midnight LJR to travel from southern Utah for the trip as well because his jeep is a fake...
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    Looks like an awesome rig!!!!!