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    Gear pattern check

    Just doing a locker swap? Those gears at first glance look used.
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    Will YJ gears fit a Dana 35 TJ axle?

    Starting about 2000 for the Grand Cherokee and later to other models they went with the larger bolts to try and combat bolt stretch which was common.
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    Will YJ gears fit a Dana 35 TJ axle?

    You can use the gears but there is a reason they went with larger bolts later on. See if you can find a machine shop to open the holes up for you if you can before swapping gears out.
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    Dana 35 shim placement options?

    Ignore what the drawings show as they do not even show that the axles are Cclip. TJ Dana 35 carrier shims on the outside with OEM shims being one solid thickness and aftermarket being sandwich type with two half thickness plates and thin shims in the middle. Pinion on the other hand could be...
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    Is Neuralink the future?

    Anyone remember Johnny Mnemonic?
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    HP Dana 30 re-gear - pinion preload changed

    Before you tear into it make sure to check you pattern and backlash to make sure there were no changes. There is always a chance from one race to another that there could be a difference or that your setup race was loose enough that until you got full pull of the nut against it that you sucked...
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    Tie rod end is really stuck My new weapon of choice
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    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    A pump once in a while would be good. But we know how zerks work, they either are ignored or pumped on until the cows come home.
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    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    I guess I need to come up with a slug to help keep grease out of the drum next.
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    Gear pattern opinion please!

    I am with Mike here. This is a runnable pattern.
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    Gear pattern opinion please!

    Pull the.003 and do not worry about the carrier until you have ran a pattern. Even if the backlash is a touch high you will still get a readable pattern.
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    Gear pattern opinion please!

    If you know what shim got you the hard line you should be able to split the difference with this last pattern and end up pretty close.
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    Gear pattern opinion please!

    That is way too shallow. Your previous pattern was better. Also make sure that the carrier shims are seated fully and the bearing caps are torqued each time as well.
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    Gear pattern opinion please!

    You are not that far off. Some gears are not going to give you that pretty oval. Just focus on getting the pattern centered from root to crown and lean on the drive side pattern.
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    WRG winch rope on the website!

    That yellow is definitely bright.