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    Thoughts on buying this 2005 TJ Sport

    Bought my 2006 X with 126k in January for $9000. Pretty much the same jeep just a year newer if that helps on price.
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    Throwout Bearing Chirp?

    Just did this, it sucks so better to embrace the suck once and not have to go back. Mine has 132k and the clutch still looked pretty good with plenty of wear left but went ahead and did everything but the flywheel which still looked fine.
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    Clutch issue after replacement

    I'm pretty certain its correct. I just pulled the slave out of the transmission and its in pieces. Stuck my finger in the hole and can feel the cup for the clutch fork about 3/4- 1" in and in line with the hole. The push rod from the slave cylinder fell inside the bell housing. Going to try to...
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    Clutch issue after replacement

    Finished reinstalling transmission after replacing TOB and clutch. After all is said and done the clutch pedal goes all the way the floor without resistance. It returns when you let off. Ideas?
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    12V Portable Heater / Defrost

    Every truck stop in the country has small 12v ceramic heaters, usually made by a company named roadpro. Might suit your needs.
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    Any idea where this electrical connector goes near transmission?

    I should have said this is an 06 6 speed 4.0 The one at the very rear of the transfer case is connected. The CPS is connected. The one next to or behind the 4wd linkage is connected. This is the last one to connect.
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    Any idea where this electrical connector goes near transmission?

    Finishing up re-installation of my transmission and have one electrical connector that for the life of me I can't figure out where it goes. It splits off the wire harness just about where the bell housing meets the transmission. Looks like this. Please point this fool in the right direction
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    Pilot bearing help

    Thank you
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    Pilot bearing help

    I stalling a new clutch, carrier bearing and pilot bearing. Drive the pilot bearing out with a mix of Grease and bread but the pilot bearing came with the carrier/bushing. The bushing has a beveled edge on one side. Just looking to confirm if the beveled edge goes out towards the bell housing...
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    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Dropped the transmission to replace the clutch and throwout bearing. Got as far as as getting the new throwout bearing and fork pivot installed. Clutch is on the list for morning and then start putting it back together. This has been a huge learning curve and the biggest project I've taken on...
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    How does one find out the radio ID on a 2006 TJ that came with Sirius radio?

    Sirius can get it if you give them the vin#
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    Window storage bags

    I use a the storage bag from a cheap folding camp chair. Roll the windows in a small old blanket and then into the bag.
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    Correct speedo gear

    The 265's were on it when I bought it but the spare was a 275 75/16 so not sure when they were changed or from what
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    Correct speedo gear

    gps shows 58 while speedo shows 50. I'm assuming its the stick speedo gear off stock tires
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    Correct speedo gear

    Sorry for leaving that out, its a 3.07