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      bty34 replied to the thread Best skid plates for LJ.
      1/4" aluminum doesn't hold up that well on its own, but neither does steel plate. The bracing is very important and the Savvy does that...
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      Please fill out your profile. All I know from your post is you have a 99 TJ. If your profile was filled out, I could quickly determine...
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      bty34 reacted to macleanflood's post in the thread Power upgrades for heavy winching? with Like Like.
      9.5 xp got a work out today. Took it like a champ. No issues with my battery or alternator. -Mac
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      bty34 replied to the thread Savvy Ultimate Steering.
      That is an aluminum tie rod paired with the Rockjock steering. They've been selling that combo for quite a while.
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      bty34 replied to the thread Bty34 TJ build.
      Pulled the bolts out of the rear stiffener. The aluminum plate is bent, but pretty minimal. Modified the rear brace for the skid...
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      bty34 replied to the thread Bty34 TJ build.
      Here's what I'm thinking. The 3/8" 6061 is pretty strong (2400 pounds) but deflects 2.4" with that load. It should spring back though on...
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      bty34 replied to the thread Bty34 TJ build.
      It definitely has turned into a little more than I had planned, but that's how it usually goes. Got a little distracted by the skid...
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      bty34 replied to the thread Bty34 TJ build.
      I'm pretty happy with how the heights matched up after the flanging tool. It was a lot quicker than all the test fitting it would have...
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      bty34 replied to the thread Bty34 TJ build.
      Got the torque box off and cut out the front floor pan. Since I had the full replacement panel, I put the cuts where I thought it would...
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      bty34 replied to the thread Bty34 TJ build.
      Starting to look like something. Welding in the tube made things a little harder for what seemed like 100 rounds of test fitting.
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      bty34 replied to the thread Bty34 TJ build.
      While I'm hacking the floor apart I might as well add some clearance for the upper links. Picked up a 12" piece of 2.25 OD tube...
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      bty34 replied to the thread Bty34 TJ build.
      I've been putting off replacing my torque boxes for long enough. Between the rust and repeatedly dropping the jeep on body mounted...
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      I believe Blaine did one where he slid the motor forward and left the transfer case in the stock location and added a crawl box in...
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      bty34 reacted to mrblaine's post in the thread Arizona Rock Crawler with Like Like.
      Statistically, the odds of a break down or mechanical failure rise exponentially as you move the useage away from normal and intended. I...
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      bty34 replied to the thread Rock Sliders / Rocker Guards Guide.
      Where's the step ladder for that guy in the driver's seat?
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