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    New spark plugs make a big difference!

    Per, Jerry ( The waste-spark ignition system showed up on the 4.0 around 2000. ) I have a 2000 so how do I determine if my 4.0 is a waste? LOL
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    Oil for a 160,000 mile engine

    I use Royal Purple in my TJ 159,900 mile
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    Rear drum brake issue (drum brake is leaking from piston)

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Use new hardware. do one side at a time.
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    TJ rear brakes

    Look at the bright side because you used Auto Zone parts You'll be doing it again soon. So you should get R done in half the time.
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    Wipers & washer not working

    Check for power to the wiper motor and washer pump.
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    Offer from insurance for total loss

    Take the money and run.
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    Autometer 8457 - factory looking transmission temp gauge

    Old racing tip I've used on many applications. Turn the gauge so the needle is in the up 12 o'clock position. When everything is running normal doing that you'll know at a glance things are OK without needing to read.
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    6.0 LSX Swap

    What's the reasoning in only truck engine over car? 6.0 is 6.0 WTF
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    Looking for advice on engine swaps

    Always go with the biggest available that is the same physical dimensions, IE a 6.0 over a 5.3
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    Recommendations on frame repair

    It's just plain BS that Mopar built such crap. Any idiot could see the frames as were being used would later become a problem. The BEAN COUNTERS definitely won out on this decision.
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    TJ Buying Advice - Newbie Member

    Looking at the pictures, I see a daily driver with 196K on the clock. I'm putting $20 on RED=RUSTY FRAME. Just remember [if it's to good to be true it probably isn't] Since you are a jeep guy you'll know what to look for.
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    4.0 Cooling Issues

    Do you by chance have a STUPID Angry bird on the front? I've read that that will not help with cooling. If running only water grab some Redline Water Wetter it does make a difference.
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    Branded Title Jeeps

    Go for it, just remember when it's sell time the new buyer will expect a deal on it. You can always keep it till the wheels falloff or part it out.
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    Need opinions on compression and leak down tests

    you can't remove the coilpak from the Plug?
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    Need opinions on compression and leak down tests

    Pull one plug wire at a time if knock disappears that cyl. is the culprit, and probability is a bottom end issue.