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    JK or JL: which one and why?

    Considering trading the Explorer for a 2018/2019 wrangler. all things the same- mileage condition and model, which one and why. sport model on each
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    Random photos: Got anything interesting, unique, strange?

    Where is Beth Dutton?
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    Random photos: Got anything interesting, unique, strange?

    @KMET came over from the Pirate I remember... In before the clean up! Page 69 too...
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    TJ Fastback style soft top- Smittybilt another top and bumper

    Not mine, but saw it local to me. Looks like he's also got another top and a bumper for sale. If interested I'd be...
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    How do you transport fishing gear on your TJ?

    Off the top of my head, why not get PVC tube with a screw on cap on both ends for access, use hose clamps and clamp the PVC tube to the side of the garvin rack. Heck, use bungee cords or paracord if your knowledgeable with knots. Use black pvc tube on the other side and fill it with water from...
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    2006 LJ Rubicon with 78k miles - $17,995

    @Chris now you are going back to AZ?
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    Jeep suddenly died

    CaronaVirus related?
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    Odd incident this morning

    You got Carvid19....
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    Stuck at Arby's and can't get out of park

    @Chris What happened to AZ? Thought that was a done deal?
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    Anybody up for a random meme dump?

    brought on by too many Quarantini's...
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    Vanity Plates

    Was a bit of a PITA to get the paperwork from MD MVA but only $25. GaryOwen!
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    Jeep stutters like Mel Tillis

    I got nothing for you other than your title made me spit my peach tea out in laughter.
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    The Official Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2019 Thread

    Staples is having 25% off (through today) for Veterans. Anything in the store. I just scooped up some Airpods for the kids.
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    In4Lo - Amazon Prime series

    @Jerry Bransford Mayhem Mariane is who you said you knew in another thread (showing her broke D35 axle)
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    In4Lo - Amazon Prime series

    Yep- TJ's, LJ's and JK's.