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    Rear Main Seal Replacement (4.0)

    Does anyone know if the fel-pro oil pan gasket can be re-used? RMS is leaking bad and looks like the PO has replaced the oil pan gasket already since I can see the blue gasket.
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    Is my catalytic converter about to shit itself?

    Few different choices I have right now. Has anyone had good/bad experience with evan fischer? Has all 3 cats for $428. Or I could go with I’ve heard good...
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    Is my catalytic converter about to shit itself?

    Confirmed it is the rear wards pre-cat. Put my ear next to it and it is banging like crazy. A friend told me I can save money by just gutting all three cats and putting it back in. Can I do that or is there something wrong with that?
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    Is my catalytic converter about to shit itself? Would this system fit in an LJ? I am thinking about getting this and then just deleting the third cat all together.
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    Does this sound like a vacuum leak?

    I did. A small rubber elbow fitting had popped off on the side of the intake manifold. I just slid it back on and it fixed it. I will take a picture when I can
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    Is my catalytic converter about to shit itself?

    In a new to me LJ I have been hearing this rattling noise at start up. It gets drowned by engine noise and music when driving but it is still slightly there when driving too. Some times it will go away though. The PO told me it was because "the cat is rattling against the transmission". Upon...
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    Is this lifter tick?

    Is this ticking noise lifter tick? I hear it almost any time my jeep is idling but when I begin driving I don’t hear it.
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    Extending fog lights?

    Other than the quadratec extended harness, is there anyway to extend the factory fog light wiring?
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    Post your LJ with half doors

    Looks like I have come full circle. Got half doors for my TJ shortly after I posted this thread and just recently picked up an Lj and swapped all my parts over. Silver doors don’t look half bad IMO but still I’m gonna paint them to match
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    How to paint the bottom side of the Jeep, restore existing body paint, and protect your wheeler / driver!

    Roughly how many cans did you need of primer and paint to do the frame?
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    Body mount bolt snapped

    Still haven’t gotten around to that broken bolt. Is it okay to drive the jeep with all the other 10 bolts in until I can drill it out?
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    MML swap tips

    Planning on taking the brown dog MML out of my TJ and putting it into my LJ and putting the stock mounts into the TJ. I already have the shroud off and fuel line disconnected from the body lift install and I know I must remove the transmission mount nut. The question I have, is would it make...
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    Linkage grommet replacement?

    Anyone know if I can get a replacement grommet which this part of the TC linkage pops into at the shifter? (231 transfer case).
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    Lift feels higher on new jeep?

    I had a TJ with 3.75 inches of total lift and recently swapped the exact setup to an LJ (same tires). The LJ though for some reason feels considerably taller and has more space in the fenders. Does anyone know the reason for this? The fenders could be explained because the Tj had rubicon width...
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    Body mount bolt snapped

    Will attempt to drill out the broken bolt tomorrow. What do you guys think about cutting the tub above the bolt, and then cutting the welded nut off with a dremel. Then buying a new bolt and sticking a nut on top without tack welding (I can’t weld) but then leaving the hole for access in case I...