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    Let's see your TJ in your garage

    Don’t mind the foot
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    How can the speedometer be correct with a TeraFlex transfer case?

    They do still have it, I was looking at getting it because I liked the Bluetooth for calibration with my phone, no need to press buttons or turn screws on the device itself.
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    Is this power steering fluid okay for my TJ?

    That is not power steering fluid, that’s atf. And per the fsm power steering fluid only.
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    Thoughts on Grille Guards?

    That’s more what I was thinking, but when I searched it all I came up with was bull bars and stingers 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Thoughts on Grille Guards?

    Are you talking about this?
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    CCD to PCI

    This is so true. I had so many connectors that didn’t match the fsm that I was flipping back and forth between multiple years for the correct connectors and pin outs
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    P1495 won't go away

    Since you changed out or repaired the harness, first thing I would do is ohms test the wires from the ldp back to the pcm connectors to make sure there isn’t a break in the wiring.
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    Front Driver Side Coil Bowing

    Yeah I have a 4.5 inch spring, but you can see how much further back my coil sits in the isolator versus yours being at the very front edge if it.
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    Front Driver Side Coil Bowing

    Here’s a picture of mine for reference.
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    Front Driver Side Coil Bowing

    In the front side of the spring correct? That’s why I’m saying the upper spring needs to be shifted towards the rear some. You have it on the very edge of the isolator
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    Front Driver Side Coil Bowing

    No you can rotate the isolator on the top, that rubber piece that the spring sits against is just slid on over the post. But that spring definitely looks too far forward as well.
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    Front Driver Side Coil Bowing

    Jack it up and shift the top of the coil towards the rear. There may even be an indent in the isolator where the factory coil was seated and your spring just isn’t going into it. The factory coils were a different length so the top tail may have been in a different location. If that’s the case...
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    Front Driver Side Coil Bowing

    After going back and looking at your pictures again it doesn’t look like you have the drivers seated correctly at the top. Not sure if this would cause that much of a bow, but it is something.
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    Front Driver Side Coil Bowing

    But if those are the safety caps repair sections that they look like he won’t have the frame holes called out to reference to..