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    Jeep Prius or Toyota Wrangler?

    I would rather do diesel than electric. At least for the next fifty years. Reusing oil and making biodiesel and then soap from the leftovers is not a bad way to "save the planet" and it also provides a better motor overall.
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    Using Double-Din Space with Single-Din Head Unit in the TJ's 1.5-Din Location ...

    The metra 2 din kit has more space for sure.
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    Thinking about new tires

    I was going to ask about the PSI on the tires and well, most times if the tires are off, or too tight this will make the ride feel like shit. Start with 26 and see what you like. I cannot agree more. I personally like the Bilstein 5100 shocks I put in her.
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    TJ AEV Bridger

    Those bridgers and the pintler wheels are some of the best looking wheels on a TJ.
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    Extended Bikini Top Installation

    Which type of top and are the door surrounds installed?
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    JK to TJ Rear Axle Swap: Slow Build

    know this I do. 😉
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    Creatine for muscle growth

    I must certainly would not recommend any healthy teenager use it. Rest, and plenty of it to allow the body and the hormones do their magic and a good high natural fat and protein diet is all you really need. For growth, heavy lift and low reps, and plenty of rest. I may also add that stretching...
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    Does this TJ with a candy apple red frame make you want to open your wallet?

    I wonder what they are hiding under that paint :unsure:
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    New guy with a TJ6

    The main reason I got the TJ was to do a stretch like the TJ6, or a Pickup conversion. Looking into this topic very closely.
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    Are these mesh headlight guards worth the price?

    I used the angry grill to lower the price of a jeep recently. LOL
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    Fog lights: Splice and solder, or find a factory connector?

    check amazon. This way you don't lose the stock connection
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    Engine Coolant Question

    The idea is to fill it completely with the coolant level it needs. Have enough to top it off every now and then. Looks like you will be doing the motor a good favor by ensuring everything is filled with the correct coolant. Get a label and note the date and type of coolant also. An engine flush...