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      Frankm replied to the thread Oil filter size discrepancy.
      My 99 takes 1085 Napa…. On around my 40th oil change! Someone said something “weird” … I concur.
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      Frankm replied to the thread Oil pressure on 4.0.
      My 99 4.0 always varied from brand new. It has gradually lost maybe 5 lbs of pressure, both low and high after 200K. I DID have my gauge...
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      Guy who did my install asked me if I didn’t want 4.56 but I “out thunk” myself and thought I d do the 4.11 s because of a plan to do...
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      I ve got 33” skinnies with 4.11 and a 5 speed manual. Works ok as I put in a 4 to 1 low ratio. That said wish I d of done 4.56 but not...
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