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    Transfer case and SYE issue

    Isn't that the truth and its not just Jeep parts. Its the reason I gave up on my hobby of modding and flipping of 4x4's, to much China junk. Sad, just sad.
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    Outside battery tender

    Industrial velcro works wonders too.
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    2002 Drivetrain Hum

    I see some chipping on the left spider gear. Did you inspect the internals really good??
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    FJ40 experiences?

    Ive owned a 67, 71 and 75 FJ40. As mentioned, rust is an issue. My personal opinion is they are built far sturdier than well you know. Dana 60 strength axles, dual wheel cylinders in each wheel which gets pricy doing brakes, funky steering, Industrial duty engines that are slow, get poor fuel...
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    Hard top vs. soft top (or to switch or not to switch?)

    Having both there is no 100% of the time perfect answer IMO. Sometimes I hate my softop because of the wind noise and that it's getting tired and a new top is now close to $2000. But... anything but rain and snow I just pull the doors the side curtains and Im happy. far more quiet with good...
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    Where can I find a new PCM?
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    Where can I find a replacement cargo floor?

    Nows a perfect time to add a fuel pump trap door as well.
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    '86 Chevy LSD

    My 63 had a 305 V6 in a C10. Got 20 mpg and was indestructible more less. :)
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    '86 Chevy LSD

    IIRC a difference of 150 RPM in the two wheels that will cause the "grenade loc" as their known to do its thing. Our genital motors Z71 has it and can be a tad unnerving at times when it locks up.
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    Please help me put a value on my 2006 Golden Eagle

    Considering what I see on CL if it don't sell at the first posted price, then raise it a couple thousand and it will surely sell. :cool:
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    Diesel Ram Owner Forced to Scrap Truck Over Deleted Emissions Equipment (UPDATED)

    F the government. On the other hand he's probably one of the idiots who are overfueling so bad there is a black cloud of unburnt diesel 1000 feet behind the POS every time he gets on the go pedal. There is gonna be plenty of pissed oil burner owners once Ca's smog Nazi's come to their state to...
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    Samurai pros and cons

    Great little rigs, easy to work on and mod. Be aware of soft trans gears which take out he bearings eventually. The rebuild kit I used on mine came with sealed bearings which I thought was screwy being their bathed in oil. Regear the T case for slower than walking speed crawling and a small lift...
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    Rain Gear is top notch quality

    Only $200 bucks...heck I just paid $200 for the top half of a soft door straight from bestops Mehiko plant
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    Possible driveshaft or pinion angle issues

    Id say if the wheel as you describe is shaking its not a drive line issue,its a wheel balance issue. Id start with swapping the rear tires up front and visa versa and see if that changes things. It dosent take much to make for some shaking.
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    AZ burglar sentenced to 292 years in prison

    Meh.. he should have robbed the American people, killed a few dozen soldiers and some deplorable types and he'd walk away unscathed.