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    Is there anyone who bothers you just to look at them?

    Dang Son! That's just to much effort right there 😳🤣
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    Can I install .75” coil spacers by disconnecting the lower shock mount and the sway bar?

    Factory hight? Gotta use them on a 4 inch spring for sure. Factory spring fell right out no compressor.
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    Gas Prices

    You are my Hero. I spent alot of life owing about what I made and always needing more. At 48 I have really scaled back. I have great credit today but own no credit cards and try not to finance anything. There is somthing freeing about living simple.
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    LJ purchase—this guy deserves a nod

    Man I got burned on mine pretty bad. I had know clue on what I was getting into. Mostly rust issues. I just decided to suck it up, fixer up and build it the way I want it. Learning alot. This Jeep will be in my family as long as it can be driven. The next one I buy wich will be in a year or two...
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    Buying a used TJ, need a second opinion on frame

    Wise choice. That back section looks pretty pieced together.
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    Harbor Freight 10-20% coupon no-exclusions: what do I need?

    Harborfreight carries every part to their generators and are accessible to you or any small engine repair shop.
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    Harbor Freight 10-20% coupon no-exclusions: what do I need?

    I have a 6500 HF generator my son in law keeps in our van to run a small grinder. Been running strong for almost two years. I have 13000 we use for a larger grinder from Northern with honda motor going on 6 yrs. A small motor shop here told me the predator generator is pretty similar and...
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    Any 3D Printer Enthusiasts?

    U have an article in one of my concrete magazines about 3D printing the foundation of a building. Pretty cool stuff.
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    Craigslist ad

    When a self identified man needs help cooking a brat on the grill 🤔 Tight pants and man buns just dont scream grilling around these parts, but I am probably just turning into a grumpy old Alpha Male😎
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    Tackling rust on floor pans and torque box sections

    Awsome I did use those for my middle section body mount. Not sure if the roll bar is mounted to those though. Guess I need to cut it out and take a peak.
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    Tackling rust on floor pans and torque box sections

    I am planning on fixing more rust issues this Summer. I have taken care of the frame and now moving to floor pans and torque box sections. My question is it appears the roll bar is attached to the rear torque box section under the rear floor pan. Anyone tackle this section? Any help or...
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    33" Tires and Re-gear

    If you want 33s I would just do it because that's where you will eventually end up. I am thinking you have 3.73. If so you should be ok and can re gear later. If you have 3.07 I would re gear know and lift later if you cant do it all at once. If the funds are not available build a little at a...
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    Purposely Neglected Repairs / Replacement

    Mine works pretty good, just got to tap on it with a wrench every now and again
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    Exercise equipment with small footprint

    I didnt like bowflex either. Used one a few years back for one work out and just hated the feel. Six months ago I was in the market for something simple and small. Ended up with a Bowflex. After a week of using it, it no longer feels wierd and gives a pretty good workout for a worn out busted...
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    Looking for pics of 33X10.50R15 tires with 4” lifts

    Procomp wheels and rubber 4 inch lift.