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Jig Jaw's latest activity

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    I want I paint the plastic fender flares on the TJ but I don’t want them to be shiny, would prefer a rough flat look, kinda like the bed...
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    Jig Jaw replied to the thread Newbie.
    Money Pit, you have that right! Yikes, I’ve been pricing some things; 2 1/2” lift kit, wheels, tires $2000 ouch! Sound system...
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    Jig Jaw replied to the thread Newbie.
    Thanks a bunch, Here’s some pics so far. Jus trying to clean her up. Kinda new to this, hope I posted it right. Love this forum!
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    Jig Jaw posted the thread Newbie in New Member Welcome Area.
    Just got the TJ, actually belongs to wife. She bought it new and it only now has 120K, it’s just been sitting under a pecan tree at her...