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Recent content by Jim Byrne

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    Engine oil change interval: Why 6 months?

    I change the oil at 3000 miles or 1 year whichever comes first
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    Popping out of 4 Low

    Adjust the shift linkage at the transfer case arm so it moves the arm further. Don't adjust it too much or you will have a problem shifting to high
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    How do I remove carrier with elocker?

    Cut off both plugs & replace it with a 2 prong trailer plug Much better plugs---it worked for me.
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    Seal between windshield frame and hardtop

    I lifted mine up & added a 1/4" foam strip
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    Tire pressure - range between 4 tires?

    As long as you are setting the pressure, try to get them within 1 PSI---I do
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    Fuel injector cleaners

    I don't believe you need an injector cleaner. I have never added anything in the 12 years I have driven my '04 TJ. Also, I run it on cheap 87 fuel & it runs great.
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    Dana 44 axle binding problem

    Old gears, all new bearings & seals---seems to be the brakes which look ok.
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    Dana 44 axle binding problem

    I just had a local shop replace my Dana 35 with a Dana 44 & an E-locker. When jacking the wheels off the ground I found that (turning the wheels by hand) it is very stiff. The shoes & drums are new and slide off easily but seem to cause the binding. Any ideas?
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    Arizona Dana 35 axles

    2 27 spline Dana 35 axle shafts Email me at
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    SOLD Dana 35 with Eaton e-locker & Revolution axels

    Includes brakes, drums, drive shaft, sway bar, track bar & suspension arms--removed from a 2004 TJ with 71,000 miles 373 gears $500 contact me by email at
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    Looking at a trail radio

    I agree with Jerry (above). Go to the local truck stop (or amazon) and pick up a CB radio (any model will do) and buy a good antenna. The antenna should be mounted to the body with the mount bracket well grounded to the body. The quality of the antenna is more important then the radio. I don't...
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    Metal or aluminum fender flare options?

    First, aluminum is metal. All flares that I know of are plastic & lots to choose from.
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    Leaky TJ

    How does the door fit at the top corner? Sometimes you can loosen the hinges & improve the fit if that is where the leak is.
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    Need expert advise before I buy please!

    It sounds like a good buy if the price if fair. If you buy it, I recommend changing all the fluids (trans., transfer case, both diffs., etc.) Also inspect the u-joints on the front axels & both drive shafts.