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    • jscherb
      jscherb replied to the thread Safari top like this for a TJ?.
      You didn't say if you wanted a soft roof or a hard roof... the Safari Cab hardtop sold by Gr8Tops can do exactly what you're looking...
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    • jscherb
      jscherb replied to the thread What is this weird hardtop?.
      It's a Guidon Vista. It was only on the market for a short time and as far as I know only a handful were sold. The example you posted...
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      • GuidonVista.jpg
    • jscherb
      jscherb replied to the thread TJ Scale Model.
      Earlier in this thread I posted photos of the model I made when I was designing my TJ-based pickup and that was extremely helpful in the...
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      • LJ1.jpg
    • jscherb
      I've used a bunch for other projects and I've always gotten them at the u-pull junkyard, there are lots of TJ's there. Just bring a...
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    • jscherb
      jscherb replied to the thread CB radio locations.
      Because I use my CB in both of my 06's, and only use it occasionally, I wanted to be able to mount it in either Jeep whenever I needed...
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    • jscherb
      I've been using Microsoft Visio for my drawings for many years. Most people think of it as a business graphics program, but it's far...
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    • jscherb
      Actually I drew inspiration from both the CJ and the JL/JT. I wanted the design to be inspired by the CJ's turn signals in the grille...
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      • FInalDesign.jpg
      • RadiatorInstalled2.jpg
    • jscherb
      I haven't asked him if he wants to be known so without doing that it's not my place to post his name. I can say that the mold went to...
    • jscherb
      If you wanted to do something similar yourself, installing turn signals in a TJ grille is something that many people have done and there...
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