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    Dash Mount CB to Ham Radio Adapter for Jeep TJ

    I mounted my head units using ram mounts to the windshield and then hid the radio bodies under the front seats (Icom is turned off in this picture for some reason)
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    Utah Banks Turbo Kit For Sale

    man, I wish I had that much money sitting around. Thats a good deal on a solid kit.
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    Best Diesel Swap?

    I like the 606 cause it has a similar footprint to the 4.0, weighs less, has proven reliability and simplicity, similar redline, the exhaust and intake are on the correct side for the jeep chassis, fuel economy is good, if not excellent. Did I mention its all mechanical, so there's no making...
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    Best Diesel Swap?

    I have been wanting to do an 0M606, or maybe a 617, but I’m partial to the 606, seems better than the VW options to me if maybe a touch more expensive.
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    Electric fan + 4.0 liter owner question: what temp?

    I have an Electric pusher fan I installed in addition to the stock mech one. T-stat is still 195, fan comes on at 210 and back off at 200. Works great for me cycles some in the summer but almost never comes on in the winter. Mishimoto makes a decent controller kit if you just need a simple...
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    Receiver hitch pin distance survey

    I’ll measure mine and send pics when I get home, I think it’s the stock jeep tow package.
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    Thimbles are almost here.

    Looks pretty nice. Noob question, but what are the improvements over the TRE thimble? Knowing you there must be some.
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    Arizona SIX Columbia Edition Wheels (one brand new)

    ...tempting.... let me see if I can get these Chromies sold first.
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    Arizona SIX Columbia Edition Wheels (one brand new)

    Man I wish you were closer, those are kinda slick, especially for factory.
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    Texas (1) 31" BFG KM3

    ah, yeah that could be a thing that needs fixing. :)
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    Texas (1) 31" BFG KM3

    Bump and lower the price a touch.
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    Texas (4) Eagle Alloy 186 15x8 wheels

    Bump, someone must be looking for American made chromies!
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    WTB: Factory AM/FM antenna

    Looking for someone’s used AM/FM antenna for a radio project, all the way from the disconnect behind the glove box to the top of the antenna. Doesn’t need to be perfect condition, just don’t wan’t to pay the $50 for the DV8 one
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    Airbag light problems

    Wow this is getting confusing, so I pulled the switch again after having intermittent light, it would go out occasionally at stop light when the jeep was cold and the ambient under roughly 80*, for the first hour of driving/ first key cycle then it was on and staying on. I wound up Blue-wiring...
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    Texas (4) Eagle Alloy 186 15x8 wheels

    (4) American Made Eagle Alloy 186 Rims and center caps (similar to Pro-comp 69 series) 15x8 5x4.5 bolt patten 3.25” backspacing Freshly polished and cosmetically and operationally perfect, selling due to cosmetic preference (I'm not huge on the chrome look) Currently Wrapped in 31x10.5 Cooper...