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    LED Turn Signal Flasher

    oh you did I just didn't read it right! I had to re-read like 3 times to get it ha my bad
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    LED Turn Signal Flasher

    my 05 uses a 5 blade though.
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    New Mexico Stolen 2005 Unlimited Rubicon Sahara From Albuquerque, NM

    wow that is one rare Jeep.
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    California Night run in Anza/Ocotillo

    Have fun man! I was out there with my wife last week for V day was very fun.
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    Best top twill top giant logo

    was thinking of getting a new one vs a used one... I too don't like it and would probably buy a used older one instead.
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    42RLE groaning / buzzing noise going from park to neutral and neutral to drive

    I know exactly what you're talking about - mine didn't do it, I got a new Jasper put in and then it suddenly began doing it. Hasn't affected anything but I got it to stop once by accidentally overfilling the fluid in the tranny.. once I got the overfilled fluid out it started doing the noise again.
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    Opinions on Aluminum Trail Doors

    hey was that a one time JCR code? or are you able to share? I'd be interested in getting some half doors too and this thread was great.
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    Is my door bent, seals bad, or door surrounds?

    I think my door is bent, in the last picture it looks like the door sticks out a bit. In the other pictures I show how the seals don't seem to actually seal but just sit on top of the door surround. I think at least the outer ring of the seal should go past the door surround to make a seal...
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    PRP heated seats worth it or DIY?

    oh wow didn't know that was an option! Was it $50 for a pair or $50 per chair?
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    PRP heated seats worth it or DIY?

    ah same way im thinking of doing mine. Tweed in the center and vinyl on the backing. I figured the tweed would hold up better and not get too hot when it gets in the triple digits wont get stank ass either lol
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    PRP heated seats worth it or DIY?

    seems like it's not all that too difficult. @Chris you should do it and report back with your findings! When are you supposed to get your seats?
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    PRP heated seats worth it or DIY?

    Basically the title - i've finally saved up enough to buy some PRP enduro elites. I do want heated seats but on PRP website it's $165 to add the heated seats option per chair bringing the total up at least $320 more than without. Would it be wise to just order the seats and add a dorman heated...
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    SOLD Tuffy Center Console - Black - Sell or Swap

    I think I have the same one no sub insert... but I see what you're talking about in the first picture.. .hmm now im wondering
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    California 2004 TJ Rubicon carpet, steering, wheels, tires, air compressor, etc.

    so no go on the tires im guessing haha glad you made it there safely.