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    Dad falls apart (AndyG lawyers up)

    Please accept my condolences on the untimely loss of your fathers. Your family will be in our prayers. I know how hard it is and have faith you will help navigate your family through this tough time. I am dealing with similar issues with my FIL, not even my father. His 2 sons are too busy...
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    No crank, no start, but problem solved (still no idea why)

    Used Jeeps are like a box of chocolates ....
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    PA Jeeps All Breeds Show

    I was there Saturday. Drove 4 hours each way. I was a little disappointed at the lack of organization. I pulled into the main gate after driving around the other side of the property, in what appeared to be a small conga line as others were following the GPS as well. No signs anywhere to...
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    Recommendations for Complete Rear Brake Replacement?

    I just did this on my TJ due to all the corrosion and lack of maintenance from the previous owner. I bought all new rotors, calipers, pads, wheel cylinders, shoes, drums, ss brake lines, rubber lines, multifunction valve and the rubber line with T fitting on the rear axle. The only thing I...
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    O2 sensors are missing wires

    If I remember correctly, on my 97, the first O2 sensor connector is at the rear of the engine on the drivers side near the fuel rail. The second was in the area up above the transmission.
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    Which BBQ should I buy?

    "North" Shirley, aka East Yaphank. LOL Near Brookhaven Calabro Airport.
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    Which BBQ should I buy?

    Truth, and I am on all of those and more. My P320 X-Five Legion was the latest toy. But I had to add a custom holster and Romeo3 XL plus a few extra mags. helps keep the F-350 6.0 wallet empty.
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    Post up your camping setups!

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    Should I change the entire exhaust or just the muffler?

    Since you are in Texas I would say your best bet is to sell the Jeep. Up here in the Northeast we would slap some JB-Weld on it and call it good or just pretend it's good. LOL I would just replace the muffler. The rest looks sound and will last another 20 years.
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    Which BBQ should I buy?

    I need another forum like a hole in the head. I have joined more than enough forums to give me bad ideas and make me spend money I don't have. Already on BBQ-Brethren, that one really got the money flowing in the wrong direction, Just like the Toyota Lights I do not need on my TJ!
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    Which BBQ should I buy?

    My neighbor caught it and had so much he was giving it away to anyone who would take it. The thresher was over 200 pounds and 12' long, including the tail. He caught it 3 miles off Smith Point.
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    Is this rust restorable or should I stay away from this Jeep?

    You guys are killing me. I wish my jeep looked that good! Over here we are lucky to find something that still has some stuff we call steel! Haha. I guess it’s all relative to the location and winter conditions.
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    Which BBQ should I buy?

    Was delicious. Just some Olive oil, salt and pepper.
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    Which BBQ should I buy?

    Thresher shark on the Blackstone yesterday.
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    Which BBQ should I buy?

    I have had all sorts of gas grills. For a gas grill I have found nothing better than a weber. You can find them everywhere, great warranty and customer service as well as easy to find replacement parts. My current inventory is 4 Webers, a UDS, a 36" Blackstone griddle, 22" Blackstone griddle...