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    TJ LED Tail Light Signal Hyper Flash

    I have the LM-470 installed with all LED turn signals and it works perfectly. But I have a 97
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    Looking For Gear Pattern Input

    Nice work! So rewarding when you get the job done, learn a new thing and save a ton of $$ in the process.
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    AX-15 acting weird

    If you run low on fluid they can be harder to shift. Mine was getting to the point where it was very difficult to get into gear but a fluid change seemed to solve that. I wouldn't add stop leak or anything other than GL4 gear oil. GL5 will just mess up the synchro's. If you have a leak you're...
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    Engine ground problem (I think)

    Neg side routs to the fire wall just behind the main wire harness and engine block just behind the distributor. There is a ground from the engine block to the frame as well that sits forward of the passenger side of the motor mount.
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    Removing drivers seat - bolts not clearing the frame - tilt jammed?

    There is a paddle under the seat (at least there is on my 1997) for releasing the tilt if/when the cable that snakes up the seat breaks/jams. Glad you got it out though.
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    Upper door skins

    I stumbled across something that said you can use YJ half doors is you change the hinge brackets. Not sure if its true but if it is I wonder if PO changed them?
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    Is there any reason to have door surrounds without a soft top?

    I agree, the best top one I bought had both options. I like attaching it to the door surrounds because when it rains its not all over my seats if I have full doors on or my half door window inserts in. But that's only if I know its going to rain :P
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    Is there any reason to have door surrounds without a soft top?

    I keep mine all the time. Half doors, full doors, no doors, because my bi-mini top hooks up to it.
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    What did you do to your TJ today?

    I had to do the same thing, but I had the three wire LED's from Poison Spyder. I cut all the wires exactly how they described in the instructions. The technician and I worked for three hours over the phone to get it to work but no such luck. In the end I drilled a new hole and bought two more...
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    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Lol my wooden block lift?? Times are tough man, I wish I had a real lift in this shop, I ache like crazy rolling around on the floor!
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    Looking for suggestions on strengthening my Dana 35 axle

    Same here on 35's even. So far so good!
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    What did you do to your TJ today?

    It was a moment of joy to drive this old heap again after 4 months of tearing out the old frame and putting in a new one and a transmission rebuild which I had never done before. Everything works perfectly. Last couple of pics from this project. This is what the old frame looked like after...