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    PNW Wheeling

    I think people have a different thought on what mud wheeling in the PNW is all about. It’s not just a mud hole to drive through. Here It’s a trail system on mountain hills with mud. Ya can’t avoid it in most places around here at any time of the year. I’ll look for some pics when I have time...
  2. Mumblewood

    PNW Wheeling

    You’ve never been to Elbe,
  3. Mumblewood

    Any Star Wars lore fans here?

    LOVE Star Wars seen every movie first run in a theater which was hard to do when rouge one came out as I just moved to Spain but did find a theater that played it in English. Every cartoon/tv show with my kid and because of him we are starting to get into the comics. Earlier today my son and I...
  4. Mumblewood

    Washington Walker Valley Sunday 11/22 Short Notice

    Looks like it would have been fun, too bad I had to miss it, gotta fix a lot of broken stuff, but that’s next weeks problem
  5. Mumblewood

    Washington Naches, Funny Rocks

    Alright, sorry for the late notice but got the conformation we are heading out tomorrow night on this run. Will Meet in the Enumclaw Safeway parking lot at 7PMish dinner at 6ish at Frankie’s pizza (I won’t be there for that) . Ru. The wagon trail over around 8i-9ish Will camp in Longs medow...
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    Motobilt TJ rocker guards with boat side steps

    Oh man, that’s where we differ. I give much fucks to weight, I didn’t want to do a full cage for the weight savings, I try to be very minimal in the weight adding. Probably due to drag racing back in the day. I should care less but I can’t bring myself to it, but I do have a set of the warn...
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    What should I do with an all black TJ hard top?

    Pot a “Monster” energy drink sticker on it, it adds 20+ HP
  8. Mumblewood

    American Racing Headers Long Tube Headers for the Jeep Wrangler TJ 4.0

    9 pages of reading, with a pig butthole rant near the end of this. I’ve had too much whiskey to decipher, are the headers any good or no?
  9. Mumblewood

    Motobilt TJ rocker guards with boat side steps

    Those are one of the very few with a step that I like the look of. I’ve never been into the tube slider/step look, but my rockers look like $h!t because I have nothing for protection
  10. Mumblewood

    Snorkel with Barricade roof rack

    Well with those stipulations I have nothing to add
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    Help and suggestions on where to find a part to modify TJ hood?

    I don’t think FJ40’ came with hood louvers stock, at least not the early years, just the stock catfish mouth they had. Most hot rod shops can louver a hood though.
  12. Mumblewood

    What is the best solution for mounting a front plate?

    I just drilled through the plate to a couple mad light holders, now that I have synthetic line with a different fairlead I just use the same thing, but I put it on the grill.
  13. Mumblewood

    Would you drive it?

    A guy in the jeep club built one like this for his daughter 20+ years ago. I never saw it but heard it was fun to drive
  14. Mumblewood

    Would you drive it?

    I would drive that Vette, but I’d get rid of the aluminum body kit.
  15. Mumblewood

    Washington Anyone wheeling this weekend?

    Elbe is always a great time, but it’s about that time of year where busy wild will be off limits for me