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    Trying to get it mostly right the first time: A 5.9 Magnum, 46RE swapped and tummy tucked daily driver TJ

    I think I got it off of a 2003 Durango as that was the newest and cleanest. The part number is 53031884AC and it pulls up for a 98-03 Ram, Dakota, Durango, and van. But I know that some have more or less vacuum ports and the port by the thermostat, blocked or threaded. I also used the air hat...
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    WTB: NP242 Transfer Case

    Hey, I'm needing a np242 transfer case, hopefully in Alabama for under $300. it needs to be a 98ish or older? I need it to have the speed sensor on the tail-housing. I unfortunately have a np249 to replace that's starting to jerk in tight turns.
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    Trying to get it mostly right the first time: A 5.9 Magnum, 46RE swapped and tummy tucked daily driver TJ

    Hey, I'm in Alabaster, AL. with a 5.2 and nv3550 swap. Same color TJ but with a black top. One thing that i loved on my swap was getting a newer intake from the junkyard and polishing it. It had a better vacuum port layout and wasn't painted. I also replaced the plate and gasket on the bottom...
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    97 TJ with a manual heart of a 5.9L Magnum

    The throttle cable I used was 53031602AB. This is from a Dodge ram with the same engine. It was a bolt in perfect fit with no slack. Easy to grab from a junkyard too for a few bucks.
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    97 TJ with a manual heart of a 5.9L Magnum

    I bought a longer rod. The slave cylinder in that ebay link CS2259 is for a 94-97 Dodge Ram with a 5.2/5.9l. It has the same body as the 2.5l one that came on my Jeep, but with a longer rod. So i just used the longer rod.
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    97 TJ with a manual heart of a 5.9L Magnum

    Yes, I did this same swap with a 5.2l. I bought this slave cylinder and just used the longer rod out of it. I think it was referenced in that really long swap thread. The body was the same as the 2.5l ax15 one but with just a longer rod. I also had to pump my clutch a while to get the air out as...
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    NV3550 transmission jumps out of 1st gear

    Hey, where'd you get this? I looks way better than my cut and welded piece.
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    Anybody with a Magnum swap have A/C?

    Thanks I didn't see it the first time i read through that thread when i was doing my swap. I found the info on page 161 and post numbers 2402 through 3012 I can't see the pics though. But one person was able to squeeze it in next to the battery tray close to the stock location. I also found...
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    Anybody with a Magnum swap have A/C?

    So I did a Magnum swap on my 2000 TJ, rear disc brakes, electric fans, fixed some things, and then lost interest/got busy. Now I'm back working on it and I (my wife) want A/C . The main issue is the accumulator/drier, I have no where to fit it. It won't fit in the stock location due to the...
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    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Please don't ban me, but I added some JK rims with some ebay special hub centric adapters on my 2000 TJ. Need some some new fenders and side steps now.
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    2000 Jeep TJ 318 5.2 Magnum Swap Build

    Hope it's ok to reply to this. But the later model Magnum fuel rails are returnless and have a single fuel line hookup. My 2000 Tj line fit with bending but I later swapped to a Dodge ram with a Magnum engine fuel line. It fit and was bent perfectly. For the gas pedal I used one from a Dodge...
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    WTB: 2000 TJ Rear side and back windows

    Hey, looking for a set of rear windows and a back window. I bought my Jeep without them. It just has the OEM top. I don't want to buy a new soft top kit as i usually drive without it. But i need to park my Jeep outside to make room for another project. Thanks in advance.
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    Questions about 5.2 Magnum and NV3500 swap

    Yeah, my engine was a 98. I got an intake from the junkyard from a 01 that didn't have the center divider and better vacuum port locations. Then I got an aluminum plenum plate off eBay for $54 and 4 hole injectors. I think this Jeep is going to my wife. And I may try to find me one to setup...
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    Questions about 5.2 Magnum and NV3500 swap

    This is after I got it going. Had one of my friends do a light test drive. Only got it to 3rd before having to let off of it. I haven't driven a TJ with a 2.5l or 4.0l but this one with the 4.10 gears hauls....
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    Questions about 5.2 Magnum and NV3500 swap

    At some point I thought that my engine was mounted wrong because I didn't have as much space as everyone else. But it was because my swap radiator is thick and I went with electric fans that are thick. But I went with a 2 speed fan out of a Volvo and used the Volvo relay that came with it. The...