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Recent content by pcoplin

  1. pcoplin

    Questions for anyone who has done a 5.9 swap

    I installed a 5.9 in my 4 cylinder Jeep back in 2007. I had someone do my harness for me though. I ended up having to redo a lot of it. I've done several Chevy ones, which are much easier. If I were to do it again, I would lay both out, study the schematics, and blend the two harness together...
  2. pcoplin

    Looking for feedback / experience with Genright's, Alien and / or Comp 23 gas tanks

    My buddy had an Alien years ago. I think it was like 11 gallons. PITA. All of their tanks are quality pieces though, I would get the 23 gallon one for sure.
  3. pcoplin

    Anyone running adjustable control arms and a 4" suspension lift?

    What jjvw is saying, is that as long as the wheel is centered at full suspension compression, you'll be fine. At 4 inches of lift and short arms, the axle swing will bring the wheel forward some at ride height. It'll look like it's not centered. If the axle swings too far back your rear track...
  4. pcoplin

    1310 vs 1330 vs 1350 u-joints

    For one, a stock Rubicon doesn't need the droop we try to make them do with lifts and longer shocks. Two, they don't have a double cardan from factory. The 1310 double cardan assembly can handle more droop than all but a 1410 setup.
  5. pcoplin

    PSC reservoir mounting tips

    For the stock engine, PSC has a master cylinder mount bracket.
  6. pcoplin

    1310 vs 1330 vs 1350 u-joints

    I would stick with 1310s. They will be plenty for the Magnum, and give you more travel than the 1350s.
  7. pcoplin

    Where and why did the LCOG with no up-travel fad get started?

    I also want to say it's not a fad, people have been doing this as long as I can remember, but I only started Jeeping/wheeling in 2000. Only in the last 5 to 10 years have Jeepers been realizing the benefits of uptravel. The stock mounting locations has limited uptravel on all Jeep builds.
  8. pcoplin

    Where and why did the LCOG with no up-travel fad get started?

    This is exactly why. Cone dodgers and slow rock crawlers don't need the comfort. And a low slung rig with lots of droop is super stable through rock trails. They are pretty terrible on side hills, and are all-around rough riding trail rigs. I don't like the style of build, but if you've ever...
  9. pcoplin

    Rear axle truss for Ford 8.8

    Good plan. We always weld the tubes on the 8.8s, and 14 bolts. We have spun tubes on 14Bolts for sure. You also don't need a table, just a bit of chain or cable that wraps under the jack to jack against.
  10. pcoplin

    OME Lift Opinion / Sanity Check

    OME always runs a bit low in the front. I leveled mine with a small spacer when I had OME springs.
  11. pcoplin

    Rear axle truss for Ford 8.8

    Both of those trusses do not weld to the center section, just to the tubes. Which are mild steel and do not need preheating or post cooling. I would just weld away. One thing to look at when you are done is overall straightness of the axle. Welding warps metal, no matter what you do. Easiest...
  12. pcoplin

    Whats wrong with a Rough Country lift?

    38 inch Patagonias and 108. Tub is stretched 8 inches so it looks normal and not comp cut.
  13. pcoplin

    Whats wrong with a Rough Country lift?

    Well dang, either he's smarter than me, or my memory is terrible. Here's a climb I'm particularly proud of, from April this year. Never been up Rocker Knocker like this, took me a couple tries. And my suspension isn't a short arm. :D...
  14. pcoplin

    Whats wrong with a Rough Country lift?

    There's nothing wrong with that. Sounds like it suits you perfectly. Just letting people know that there's more performance to be had if a guy is looking for more. That's why there's the Savvy midarm out there, it's the best handling suspension outside of straight custom IMO.
  15. pcoplin

    Wet seats wet carpets and a rainy forecast. How do I get dry?

    I'd pull the carpets just to get them dry, and put up a fan for the seats.