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    What did you do to your TJ today?

    I'm trying to reinstall my rear fender inserts and they use these. Can I use any kind or should I try to avoid certain ones?
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    Middle TN 02 build

    Finally have everything put together enough to drive it around. I didn't install my smittybilt winch back on because I'm hoping to grab a warn zeon Friday or Saturday. One final piece not on the jeep is the rear fender liners. What are the pieces called that hold the liners in place, is it...
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    Synthetic rope

    Definately seems too good to be true. I think you are right that they are just using a thicker diameter and I saw some reviews where people were having trouble getting it on the winch. I’m just surprised they are using the brand name
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    Synthetic rope

    Found it even cheaper on Amazon The only place I would think would be close to 18mm would be where it’s spliced but that’s weird they would mention that diameter.
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    Synthetic rope

    Is this a good deal? I thought I read some places where Dyneema synthetic rope was good.
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    Tennessee Warn M15 M15000 $1300

    I bought a warn M15 with steel cable at an auction recently but I think I'll try to sell it before attempting to put on the front of my jeep. I know it's way overkill for our needs but I thought maybe someone would have a use for it elsewhere. It was sold as "new" but I'm not sure you would...
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    Am I getting Rubi-conned?

    1) pick a tire size you want to live with (easier said than done) 1b) how do you plan on wheeling? Maybe you would be better off stock if you don’t plan on going crazy. A stock rubicon is very capable. 2) get a second estimate, I assumed that shop was just a regular repair shop but it looks...
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    Is my full door bent?

    It looks like you have a hard top on but my door will do that with my soft top if I don't have it set up right. It will be pushed out right where you are pushing so I'd say just confirm that a piece of the hardtop isn't obstructing full closure first.
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    NAPA discount on Odyssey battery

    I’d buy that brand all day long but with new manufacturing I doubt they would even come close to that longevity.
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    NAPA discount on Odyssey battery

    How many years do y’all get out of your batteries? I have a diehard platinum that was in the jeep when I bought it. Just over 13 years old now. Should I just run it til it quits on me?
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    NAPA discount on Odyssey battery

    I don't know if this is a good deal or not but you can order an odyssey battery to ship to your home and add 2 other items (cheap) and it adds a 20% off coupon. Price after coupon Odyssey performance group 34/78 battery is 279 CCA 710 Odyssey performance group 34 battery is 296 CCA 792 Odyssey...
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    35's or Turbo (or) Supercharger?

    I'd recommend the MORryde tailegate reinforcement kit. Shop around and you can find good prices but make sure it's the correct part number for the full kit. Do you have a body lift? This is the website I used to buy the kit...
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    What do I need to put 1-ton axles on my 99 TJ?

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but you might have equal or more ground clearance running 35" tires on the dana 44s you already have.
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    Can I install a Warn 97730 on a TJ?

    It looks like it uses foot front mounting and 2 on the bottom similar to the 8274. I guess I could get a 8274 winch mount and use that to mount it
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    Can I install a Warn 97730 on a TJ?

    Can I install a warn 97730 on a TJ? Warn M-15s I know it’s overkill just curious