Been in Texas for the last 25 years, but have just moved to Utah to be closer to family. Love the snow, but not too keen on the salted roads (we have kept these TJs in the shop and off of them this first winter). Bought both of my TJs new and my wife and I have loved exploring trails together for several years in Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, and Texas. Our 2000 Sport has just under 40K on it and the 2004 Rubicon is close to 42K now (you can tell we normally trailer these rigs to our base camps behind a Ram/Cummins).

Our rides have provided us great experiences, good memories, and brought us many new friends within our unique Jeep culture.
Aug 16, 1949 (Age: 71)
What year is your Wrangler?
2000 and 2004
What model is your Wrangler?
2000 is a Sport and 2004 a Rubicon
What engine is in your Wrangler?
both have the 4.0L
What kind of transmission is in your Wrangler?
5 spd manuals
What mods do you have?
Rubicon Express long arm lift, SYE w/HD rear driveshaft and u-joint, 9500 Ramsey Patroit winch, 4.88 gears, ARB lockers, after market bumpers and tire carrier, skid plates, 35x12.50 BFG MTs on alloys, alloy axles.