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    Worst Case Scenario for Axle Seal Leak?

    One issue is it contaminating your brake pads. Another consideration is the oil coating the inside of your wheel and collecting dirt which could cause balancing issues, though this would be less noticeable on the rear. And of course there is the smell! That being said, I drove for a couple of...
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    Pizza Cutters

    I looked long and hard at the 17" equivalent of tires but could only find them in an E load. How do they ride for you?
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    Help Diagnosing Bad Brake Booster

    Vacuum should be highest at idle and therefore brake assist would be most noticeable at lower RPMs. Depending on how bad the brake booster is, you should have assist building over time but after pressing the brake pedal it would lose it quickly and return to a hard to press pedal. What you're...
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    Help finding messed up Jeep video

    Haha "you might be fast but I won't get stuck" I've always said I'd race anyone, but I get to choose the "track"
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    Help finding messed up Jeep video

    Hoping someone can help me find a video I came across that made me laugh but for the life of me can't find it again There's a guy that's on the side of a highway assessing damage on his Jeep. It starts off with him saying "on today's episode of how f'd up is f'd up" ... Then he shows the flat...
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    Anyone recognize what this part is for the spare tire mount?

    I've seen some people use something like this as a license plate holder too when they relocated their license plate
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    2006 LJ mild wobble at 55-60 mph

    If the tires do turn out to be newer than expected, check them for any odd wear patterns like feathering as that can point to worn suspension components which can also cause speed sensitive shimmies (did in my case)
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    Running 35s

    I recently went the other direction; 35s to metric 33s. I also swapped my Metalcloaks back to factory fenders. For grins, I put the 35 back on with my 2" SL and 1.25" BL just to see what it looked like. I can't say I'd recommend it.
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    Are these injectors toast?

    I finally pulled the trigger and replaced my injectors. She starts instantly every. single. time now hot or cold. It also really smoothed out my idle; no more sputtering. I can't say I notice much change in the acceleration/power but that wasn't really a problem I was trying to solve. I'm happy 🤘
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    Living with a front auto locker in a snowy climate

    I had a lunchbox locker in my front axle. One snowy day I was in 4WD headed to work. Went to turn into the parking lot but kept going straight, so had to disengage 4WD to get into the parking lot. Lunchbox locker got replaced with a selectable shortly after that. On a wheeling trip in a bit...
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    SYE, what to do while transfer case is open?

    I would personally put a 2-LO kit in. Sometimes it's handy to have that low gearing without locking the differential in
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    Looking to fill the fender flares with new tires

    To be fair, I haven't been in a position to really stretch my Jeep's legs after the swap. I might need a little steering stop adjustment for day to day driving but nothing major. Not sure how it will perform under heavy articulation. My 35s with 3.75" of backspace would rub my sway bar and...
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    Paint Correction Fail — Advice Appreciated

    I had the same issue until I got hail damage and new paint on a new hood. I wonder why checking seems to be such a prevalent issue on our Jeeps though
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    Fender flare width (yes, I did search the forum but couldn't find the answer)

    What is the size stamped on the side of the tire these take-offs have on them? This is me with JK wheels, 1.25" adapter and 285/70R17 tires under my Sahara flares which are about and inch wider than Sport/X flares. 285 mm works out to about 11.25" wide A 255mm wide wheel would probably tuck...
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    GMRS Antenna Mount Options

    I have purchased several CB mounts and drilled them out for NMO. For my ham antenna I'm using this little guy now: