Sierra Cam

First Jeep was a '46 post war Willy's project that was partially assembled.
When I finished it, I found I could hardly drive it because of my size (6'3" & 280 lbs!)... Mostly it was that the windshield frame was at the same level as my nose, so I sold it.
I had always wanted a Jeep so I was sorely disappointed.
Fast forward to 6 months ago and my wife and I found a need for a tow vehicle for our motorhome. Again because of my size, those towable econobox's were out of the question so we decided to try Jeep's again.
To my delight, I found that I fit just fine in the newer models (YJ & TJ) of JEEP. So after searching for a while we found our nice TJ!
It's my new toy now!
Sep 10, 1956 (Age: 67)
Foresthill, Calif.
What year is your Wrangler?
What model is your Wrangler?
TJ "sport"
What engine is in your Wrangler?
4.0 IL6
What kind of transmission is in your Wrangler?
5 sp manual
What mods do you have?
4" lift
SYE transfer case mod
33" tires
re-geared from factory 3.73 to 4.56.