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    Anyone know what this sound is?

    2005 6 speed manual Noise does not change with wheel speed or engine speed, not really any different with clutch engaged or disengaged. Will usually get quieter or go away after driving for 10-15min I've got some ideas but I'd really like to hear from anyone who's had this problem and solved it
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    Suggestions on dealing with body mount rust

    ^ditto that. I was looking at one like that and the fine members here told me the same thing... I listen and ended up finding one with zero rust. Trust me it's worth waiting.
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    What's this noise?

    I asked about this awhile back and got a few different ideas on what it is but I'm still not sure, now I'm wondering if it's not just regular nsg370 noise? I didn't have a video before so heres one now. Kind of a scratchy sound. Will do this at idle and driving but mostly goes away with the...
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    Spice soft top

    Looking for a cheap soft top. I really only want tan/spice but it doesn't need to be pristene or anything as I usually drive around topless, I just want something to throw up when it's raining. But yes even tho it's basically just an emergency top I'm still gonna be picky about the color haha. I...
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    What are our TJs really worth?

    I'd say that's about right. As others have said you might sit on it for awhile but having a rust free frame is huge. I payed 16 for mine with 86k miles but the frame looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. It also checked all my other boxes. Most people probably think I overpayed but...
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    Easy ammo can storage solution

    So this is the ammo can project I've been working on, I used magnets so that they stay put but can also be easily removed (these are neodymium magnets I got on Amazon 10 for $16 they are super strong) I drilled and tapped the steel to screw the magnets on. I also made that plywood piece with...
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    Anyone have color matched flat fenders?

    No I got rid of my Facebook account awhile back
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    I just can't escape the angry bird grille

    Actually that comparison works fine assuming he's referring to the people who put bigger tires on simply for looks with zero intention of off roading. In fact that's even dumber than the AB grille because on pavement bigger tire's are a negative in every way besides looks. Sorry I personally...
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    Anyone have color matched flat fenders?

    Behind green that might be one of my favorite colors on a TJ. Looks good
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    Anyone have color matched flat fenders?

    Oh nice yeah that looks good.
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    Anyone have color matched flat fenders?

    Hmm unfortunately it won't load
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    Anyone have color matched flat fenders?

    Nice thanks! I've got a Willys edition so I think the flat fenders will look really good on it. Honestly they should have done it from the factory it would have been a lot cooler than just a trim package
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    The unfortunate TJ of the day thread

    Yeah sorry but we might have to start an unfortunate yj thread
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    Anyone have color matched flat fenders?

    That looks good man