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    Third brake light

    I think that third light is important especially for those that have larger tires that seem to obscure the tail lights a bit. Like CJRoberts, I utilized the center hole of the rim. I just used a cheap and so far (5 years +) water proof trailer light. I simply screwed it to the backing plate...
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    Can’t Drill Straight?

    I was introduced to those drill guides a few years ago through They have a forum that highlights American made tools... Money well spent.
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    WTB (1) Walker Evans 15x8 Beadlock

    Still looking.... Willing to pay a bounty if you have a lead on one.
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    WTB (1) Walker Evans 15x8 Beadlock

    I am looking to buy 1 Walker Evans 15x8 Beadlock with 4" backspacing and a 5 on 4.5 pattern I am located in Huntington Beach, Ca but willing to pay shipping.