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    Need help charging A/C

    Might get an ac flush tool and flush the rest of the system before you reassemble.
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    Need help charging A/C

    I would have it professionally evacuated and recharged. The equipment at my dealership is much better than the equipment I have at my disposal at home. You might just fix the problem with a proper evac and recharge.
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    Need help charging A/C

    If a hose blew you might of lost some oil and a lack of oil. Am kinda shooting in the dark here. Did you add any oil when you replace the hose?
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    Need help charging A/C

    Unknown..... Would need yo hook up the gauges and do some tests. Just wandering, did you replace the receiver/ dryer when replacing compressor?
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    Need help charging A/C

    Your low side is running a little high and you high side is a little low. This could be an indicator of a weak compressor
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    Glowing exhaust manifold on 2000 TJ 2.5

    Most likely you have a stoped up cat
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    Radiator replacement

    With all due respect... If it does not have all the proper connections it is not direct fit... Get the right parts... OEM if possible.
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    How hard is it to replace a 42RLE automatic transmission?

    To be truthful I have been a professional technician since 1983 so what is easy for me is not necessary easy for you. All these folks have given great advice and the job while being on the hard side for the amateur is completely doable and I think worth doing yourself if you have the tools and...
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    How do I get windshield bracket bolts off?

    These work well for me when I have a stripped bolt. Topec 25Pcs Screw Extractor Set,...
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    Sway bar cover bolt size?

    I had some extra 6mm 1.0 pitch bolts. Ran a tap through and installed.... Works great.
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    Inexpensive Black Steelies

    Hey guys, when I got my 06 LJ it had the most god awful amount of chrome in it. Well I have slowly been de chroming it and the last thing I need is some black Steelie wheels. I don't want to break the bank but want a good product and am going for 15 inch wheel. Looking for suggestions. Thanks on...
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    Messed up my axle shaft install

    If you can't get it to drive out with a hammer I'd recommend cutting the u-joint out with a die grinder and purchase a new joint put in there. The U-joint is much cheaper than the drive shaft assembly.
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    Catalytic Converter Prices

    Yea it is hard separating foreign from domestic now a days
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    Catalytic Converter Prices

    Problem with Toyotas is they don't like aftermarket cats...... Some aftermarket cats still set codes