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    What did you do to your TJ today?

    You had me a little worried where this was going at first. 😬
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    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Went out in public today because "follow the science" Joe said I could (without wearing a mask). I got some really strange looks at Walmart when I went inside though.:unsure:
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    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Can I send you my whole Jeep to rattle can for me? Nice job!(y) p.s. I can't paint without streaking anything other than fender flares. :(
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    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Cleaned bird shit off it. Now they're calling for 5 days of rain. Do car washes give refunds? :unsure:
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    1 1/4 BL

    A MML is useless if you don't need one. 99% of people doing a MML use the spacers because the stock rubber mounts work best. Poly mounts cause more harm then good.
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    Tacoma vs TJ?

    Close enough. I've had 5 hernia surgeries. Two of them within 4 months, when the first one failed. :(
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    Been recommended to use 20W-60 oil in my TJ

    I use this one.:rolleyes:
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    Tacoma vs TJ?

    I had to Google that one. :unsure: I'm only familiar with Oxycodone.
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    Anyone else Plasti Dip?

    Professional wraps cost over $2,000 for a TJ.
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    Tacoma vs TJ?

    TJtaco4 I thought that meant he liked TJs, tacos and he was 4??? :unsure:
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    Thermostat questions and running RPM and temps

    Empty system, add one bottle of Thermocure with water to refill system and run it a total of 6-8 hours (however many days it takes) to fully clean the system. Then drain and refill with water and run until it's clear. Refill with 50/50 antifreeze.
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    Tire options

    Damn grammar police! Did AOC hack into NashvilleTJ's account again? :unsure:
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    How much HP can a 4.0 handle?

    This much! :oops:
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    Flush mounted tail lights

    I like the Max-Bilt, but can't justify the $190 price tag.
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    Tire options

    Voted worst tire ever made by several members on here. 🤫