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    TrailRecon (son) Bought a TJ Rubicon

    They are that sleek they slapped a Rubicon decals on it and swap a dana 44 there under.
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    Is this Rubicon worth it?

    Wow, that is something I will have a second thought of buying. So cheap in my book.
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    Rear drum brake help

    Do not mess with the brass colored bolt yet, look for the tiny nipple above it - that is the bleeder. I suggest bleed it first and then unbolt the big brass bolt. One way or the other, when you put everything back, you need to bleed the air from the top (nipple).
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    Engine Oil Question

    Yup. Agreed, once per year.
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    Old & Faithful Jeep

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    Who else is a mechanic / tech for a living?

    We are all a self-made mechanics because of this forum. I believe if we cross-check it with the youtube we can be... full of it (shit)?.
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    Hello from Southern Oregon

    Believe me, not everyone. Wow that's a well lifted rig! I can see you need a grab handle (sorry but that is a compliment) Ride it doorless & topless this summer, then come back to this forum and let us know how's the ride.
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    Texas Talk me in to moving to TX

    I mean real southern babes.
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    Battery of Choice?

    I wonder why the 12v DieHard battery products stopped when Sears closed. I really am loyal to it.
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    So I wasn't actually shopping for a TJ for me

    Good find, keep it stock for the classic look because most of them on the road got the "botox" & all jacked-up. Self discipline is the key. We are the few, the proud. We got the real Wranglers!
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    Differential Fluid Change Question

    I use Permatex Hi Temp from Walmart.
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    Texas Talk me in to moving to TX

    And the Southern Babes
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    Battery of Choice?

    Interstate on mine since the Sears store closed for the Diehard Gold.
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    Texas 2006 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

    It can go higher than that in northern midwest but some pics will help.