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    Front driveshaft noise

    Thanks for the info, I did get three joints and a socket, but stupid me I got them for a regular TJ, not a Rubicon.
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    Front driveshaft noise

    Thanks guys, the cheep ass in me won out and I found Oliver's Driveshafts just up the road had all the parts I need to rebuild it for $75.00 plus tax. They are all Spicer parts so I don't think I can go wrong.
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    Front driveshaft noise

    I took a trip to the coast this past weekend and on the return home my front driveshaft started to make a lot of noise. I know I should have serviced it sooner, but what is done is question is should I just rebuild the stock shaft or go ahead and replace it with a Tom Wood shaft? The...
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    Jeep heating issue after lots of work

    There are several threads on this topic you can read over, but I think they all come to the conclusion that most heater cores are a crap shoot at best. From my own experience on 2 different TJ's, I have had to replace the heater cores twice on both to get any heat and neither was stellar. Good luck.
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    How quickly does an AC drier accumulate moisture?

    I am not an A/C expert, but that sounds like a good plan and it probably won't hurt either way.
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    Switching to a 4WD cable

    Sounds like someone gives a fuck... or was that four Fucks in two sentences. 🤔
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    What else to do while manifold is removed?

    I cleaned the inside of the intake manifold really good while I had it off as it was coated very thick with crud.
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    Best way to clean exterior of windshield?

    Pepsi and newspaper works great also. Make sure you rinse everything off after or it will mess up your paint and be all sticky.
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    SOLD LJ Hard Top

    I will take it if you can wait until the weekend before I come to get it.
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    SOLD LJ Hard Top

    Did you ever sell this? If not do you have any pictures?
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    Maryland LJ hardtop

    Did you sell it or is my understanding of humor not what it should be?
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    Clutch interlock switch safety recall

    I got the same notice, had it replaced with no problems or sales tactics.
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    2005 Rubicon; A Rubi Brother

    Just start out in second gear, the 4.0 has more than enough power for it. I almost never use 1st gear on the road.
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    Screeching noise from engine

    I am in Apex if you want another set of eyes to look at it, send me a pm.