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  1. BlueRidge304

    '03 Wrangler Front End Suspension Parts List

    With quick disconnect links you can disconnect your front sway bar while off-road, allowing more axle articulation. You'd retain the factory sway bar.
  2. BlueRidge304

    '03 Wrangler Front End Suspension Parts List

    I am currently in the process of rebuilding the front end on my '04. I initially considered a package like this, however, in my situation the hub assemblies and ball joints did not need replacing. I purchased the parts individually and chose to do the ZJ Tie Rod upgrade that @CodaMan mentioned...
  3. BlueRidge304

    ZJ tie rod kit that doesn't suck?

    Just adding to the randomness of new Moog parts arriving painted vs non-painted. Moog Rear track bar delivered today is painted black 🤷‍♂️
  4. BlueRidge304

    ZJ tie rod kit that doesn't suck?

    Good to know! They have held up remarkably well i'd say, thanks for posting that picture.
  5. BlueRidge304

    ZJ tie rod kit that doesn't suck?

    I recently ordered all the Moog parts in the ZJ Tie Rod Conversion thread from Amazon. All parts arrived quickly, the only things painted were the adjusting sleeves. The new Moog track bar was bare as well.
  6. BlueRidge304

    Am I going to have a spare tire problem?

    If your new spare wheel is the same 5 x 4 1/2" bolt pattern, the spare will bolt right up to the spare tire bracket. However, with a 3.75" backspace, the spare tire won't make contact the rubber snubbers. I recently changed my factory spare wheel to a wheel with 3.62" backspacing, and had just...
  7. BlueRidge304

    Front axle inner tube—is this a seal?

    Here's what mine looked like when replacing the axle u-joints recently. An old piece of hose that fit into the tubes connected to the shop vac took care of anything in there. Just be careful so as to not push anything into the diff or damage the seals.
  8. BlueRidge304

    Give this picture a title

    Coral Reef Jeep...
  9. BlueRidge304

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Found some more old school AMC Jeep decals. I like how the mid-1970's era prism/spacetape ones reflect the light, so they went on the outside. Inside the tailgate seemed like a good place for the others.
  10. BlueRidge304

    What part is this?

    x2 to above. They look like the A/C Condenser Seals: Sorry to hear about the damage, hopefully you can get it all put back together and on the trails again. Sounds like you're on the right track, good call on labeling everything. And welcome to the forum, even though it's under less than...
  11. BlueRidge304

    Rancho RS5000X: Paint them!

    I bet that looks really good. What paint did you use, something like this?
  12. BlueRidge304

    BlueRidge304's 2004 Jeep Wrangler RubiXcon

    Hey thanks! You're just up the road. I take the back roads into Winchester quite often for tools and stuff, we might have waved at each other before. Yeah Ted Davis has got some quality stuff, good folks there. Right now he's got a really nice super clean black '04 TJR with lift, winch, bumpers...
  13. BlueRidge304

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Slide out your visors and put them on the opposite side and the factory stickers will be on the windshield frame side . @Andy G nice tip, thanks! I think I'll enjoy the cleaner look (y)
  14. BlueRidge304

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Put on another old school AMC Jeep decal, this time on the windshield header trim. Love the vintage AMC logos, but had no interest in the "Racing Team" portion on this one, so I cut that out.
  15. BlueRidge304

    Tips or suggestions on running 33s successfully?

    @Stretch welcome to the forum from a fellow 2004 RME owner. That's a nice looking Jeep, dig the color (y).
  16. BlueRidge304

    Anyone know where to get a seatbelt buckle for a 2004 Rubicon?

    Kind of pricey, but here's one: You might find one much cheaper at a local salvage...
  17. BlueRidge304

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Don't know if something as minor as bumper end caps is even worth posting, but garage time and working on the Jeep is enjoyable regardless if the project is large or small.
  18. BlueRidge304

    Question about doors & soft tops

    Not sure what color you need, but this Craigslist ad says "several nice sets of full doors".