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    SEM paint colors for 2000 Sahara interior

    Rats. I am a rookie at this stuff. Let me try again. Are you looking for “Dark Slate Gray”? That is the other stock color and it is coded and I think may be what you are referring to. Did a ton of looking around and the 160 matches.
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    SEM paint colors for 2000 Sahara interior

    Hi. I think what you are looking for is the DV code?? If so, the colorbond 160 is the match. I just redid mine, but it was DV to start. Came out perfect. Here is a pic or 2:
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    Interior Plastic Types

    Not sure of the specific type of plastic, but I just painted them as well as the rest of the dash. I used the colorbond adhesion promoter. Not sure if it was “necessary” as some with more knowledge suggest. However, it did work well with the colorbond top coat. Good luck.
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    Interior Maintenance Restoration and Repair

    Finished a complete tear down, repainting and reinstallation. Came out great. After cleaning and degreasing with alcohol, I used colorbond adhesion promoter followed by 5-6 very light coats of and their color 160. It matched the DV Dark Slate color code perfectly. I know others have mentioned...
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    Interior Maintenance Restoration and Repair

    Hey there. Just curious: were you ever able to get a can of the Color Coat code 5379? I called SEM this week and they told me they don’t do the custom colors anymore. Nor could I find any distributor that would do it. Kind of stumped at this point and I would like to repaint the dash. Curious...
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    Death wobble help

    I had the same issue when I bought my 04. I got a lot of different answers from different tire places. I wanted to get new tires, springs, shocks and a 2.5“ lift as my first upgrade anyway. All I can say it doing that fixed the wobble for good, plus improved the ride overall like you would...