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  1. Hound Dog

    Oil Pan Rust

    My 2002 Tj 4.0 has a bad oil leak. It's not a daily driver and has seen much abuse over the years. I have been ignoring the leak since I don't drive it much and it is in a gravel driveway. I just assumed that the rear main seal was shot. I changed the oil in it not long ago and see that the oil...
  2. Hound Dog

    Back on the road

    Well, it was looking bleak for my much neglected 02. It got ignored for summer fun as motorcycles took the place of wind in the face fun. Then work and life got the best of everything and I didn't have time for either. I do however live on a mountain (you guys out west would laugh and call it a...
  3. Hound Dog

    Quadratec tire package

    I am planning on getting a rim and tire package from Quadratec. Heck, Duratrac s and a set of rims is just $200 more than having a set mounted on my beat up corroded old American Racing rims locally. Has anyone had any experience with thier packages? Do they do a good job balancing the tires?