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  1. AjRagno

    Towing my automatic TJ with a JLU and a 2/4 wheel dolly / trailer?

    For those who haven’t seen it, this Rubicon was towed in 4lo. If I recall correctly, the dealership mechanics said the customer had it towed in because it wouldn’t start. First thing they noticed was that the transfer case was in 4 lo.
  2. AjRagno

    42RLE Solenoid Pack & Valve Body Rebuild

    There’s a series of videos on YouTube. I think the most difficult parts will be removing the valve body and then also keeping the accumulators in place while reinstalling.
  3. AjRagno

    What is this???

    It's a soft top arch support. Take a look at the door surrounds to see if there are slots.
  4. AjRagno

    Installing longer springs without spring compressors—What did I do wrong?

    I swapped out my 933/942 springs for 932/941 springs today and didn’t have any issues. The 933s did take effort to install last year but I think that was because I left the stock track bar in place. I imagine that if the track bar is still stock, disconnecting at the axle end would allow the...
  5. AjRagno

    Tuffy products

    The Tuffy glovebox is great. I’m still using the one I bought in 2004. No issues. Also: if you buy additional Tuffy storage, they can provide locks that match your current key.
  6. AjRagno

    Brake Pads suggestions

    Centric Posi-Quiet pads work well. I got mine from Rock Auto and I believe they ship to Greece.
  7. AjRagno

    In search of 05-06 throttle body and IAC

    If you search, you’ll find that the throttle body is not fully sealed. I had the same results with a smoke test. The Mopar IAC is readily available. I got one recently from
  8. AjRagno

    Generic Tail Light Lenses Not Quite The Same

    I bought Omix-Ada tail lights in January 2018. Over the past 3 years, they've held up without any issues. They also have an extra bulb on the side so they are noticeably brighter than stock.
  9. AjRagno

    2004 LJ automatic seems to have emergency brake engaged

    Inside, on top of the valve body. I’ve had an issue similar to what you’ve described for about 2.5 years/20,000 miles. It often feels like something is dragging, other times everything feels normal. Early on, I went to a transmission specialist. The GM and I went for a drive and, while he...
  10. AjRagno

    2004 LJ automatic seems to have emergency brake engaged

    The 42RLE has a thermistor incorporated into the range sensor. Also: with the engine running, the L/R clutches are engaged in neutral so it won’t feel like a true neutral. I’d be interested to find if/how this is resolved.
  11. AjRagno

    Catalytic Converters (OE Vs Eastern Catalytic Vs MagnaFlow)

    I replaced the cats on my '05 LJ for the 2nd time today so I thought I'd share some photos for comparison. Eastern Catalytic 20379 49 State Catalytic Converter MagnaFlow HM Grade Federal/EPA Compliant Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter 93649 My experience with Eastern Catalytic was not good...
  12. AjRagno

    Well crap! Stripped 42RLE pan bolts

    Each time that I’ve dropped the pan, I’ve used RTV to seal it. When installing the bolts, tighten until there is resistance and go maybe another 1/4 turn - snug is just fine. The RTV ends up in the bolt threads so they won’t back out and the RTV seals the gaps. I’ve never experienced a...
  13. AjRagno

    Well crap! Stripped 42RLE pan bolts

    Yes, the torque specs on those bolts are 14.5 ft/lbs. Not to be too critical of those who’ve experienced this, but it’s a user issue. I’ve replaced the filter in my transmission 6 times without issue. Using a lube locker likely contributes. A good bead of RTV is very forgiving if the bolts are...
  14. AjRagno

    Installed LJ DPG Super Ultimate Lift

    Thanks for following up. Like I said, the ride is not terrible, but my ‘01 TJ that weighed less had a better ride with a similar suspension setup. The only considerable difference is that the TJ had 32x11.5 BFG KM2s and the LJ has 31x10.5 BFG K02s. I’m currently at 28psi and hesitant to go lower...
  15. AjRagno

    What is this vacuum dingus?

    Vapor canister purge solenoid. I replaced mine a few weeks back.
  16. AjRagno

    Installed LJ DPG Super Ultimate Lift

    What springs did you go with? When I spoke with Dirk he suggested light load springs for my LJ, which surprised because I ran 933/942 on my previous TJ and they worked out great. The HD springs are not terrible on my LJ but I’ve been debating calling Dirk again and going with whatever he...
  17. AjRagno

    Advice on front disconnects

    They work well and make no noise at all. When you do the install, use loctite on the nuts and bolts.
  18. AjRagno

    What do you use for restoring trim?

    My experience with cracking and fading paint comes specifically from using Krylon Fusion on the fender flares. It looked good for a few years but then faded and also developed spider cracks.
  19. AjRagno

    What do you use for restoring trim?

    My experience is that none of the restorative options are permanent or without their own issues. Painting looks good initially but will fade and/or crack over time. Penetrol also looks great initially, and can be applied to plastic or metal, but loses its bond over time and flakes off...
  20. AjRagno

    Exhaust manifold replacement on 2005 4.0

    P0133 is for bank 1/sensor 1. With an inline 6, bank 1 is cylinders are 1, 2, 3. Cylinder 1 is at the front of the engine and 02 sensor 1 is before the catalytic converter. P0133 sets if the 02 sensor does not respond quickly to changes in the air/fuel ratio. If you have not replaced this...