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  1. Dino - KX6D

    TJ vs LJ...a few thoughts.

    I first got into Jeeps back in the 80's. Reading the 4x4 magazines of the times there was a lot to say about the offroad advantages of the CJ-8 because of the longer wheelbase. The disadvantage of the CJ-8 was the rear overhang and most related articles included bobing the tub. I always wanted...
  2. Dino - KX6D

    Team LJ Open House 6PM - 10PM (Wed 4-28)

    Team LJ is hosting an Open House tonight from 6PM to 10PM. Food will be served! Bring your own drinks of choice! Fireplace out back and plenty of places to socialize. Casa de LJ 3463 Tierra del Sol Dr Moab, UT 84532
  3. Dino - KX6D

    GMRS Radio

    GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) Radio is becoming very popular with off-road enthusiasts thanks to a few "influencers" and Midland. GMRS is basically a throw back to the the days of licensed CB radio which was intended for the general pubic. However GMRS uses UHF frequencies (467MHz) rather...
  4. Dino - KX6D

    Radio Programming @ TJ Fest 2021

    As posted in other threads, I will be programming the Baofeng or Rugged radios you guys bought for this trip starting Friday (23rd) afternoon. Here is how that will work... I rented a house in town and you can come by any evening to have your radios programmed. Call first so we can make sure we...
  5. Dino - KX6D

    Team LJ: TJ Fest 2021

    (Basic info moved to Message #2.) TRAILS! (Preliminary) � Day / Date Trail Area Difficulty Jeep Badge of Honor (Click name for web page) Saturday 4/24 Gemini Bridges 2 2-2 Metal Masher 2 6-10 ** Sunday...