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  1. Kelly F.

    Hardtop banging/flopping in the wind

    It's been pretty windy here in NC lately and I've noticed while driving my hardtop start to "flop" or bang against my center roll bar. It does it with windows up or down. Anyone else experience this? Any recommendations to fix the issue or cushion it? Will get roll bar pads soon assuming that...
  2. Kelly F.

    North Carolina TJ Quadratec Spice Door Skin (Driver Side)

    I have a driver's side door skin from Quadratec. It's new and came with the Jeep when I bought it and I don't need it.
  3. Kelly F.

    Newbie from NC

    Hi all! I'm new to owning a Jeep, always wanted one and finally snagged one! Just bought my TJ back in February, he's mostly stock and will likely keep it that way. Looks great, rides great, and drives great. I will do some maintenance mods just to keep him well kept. Loving the Jeep life so far!
  4. Kelly F.

    WTB: Stock Radio For 1999 TJ

    In search of a stock radio head for my 1999 TJ. Local junk yard has one, but wants 80 bucks. Currently have an aftermarket radio, works fine just not a fan of the bright blinding lights at night. If anyone has one laying around, let me know.✌👍
  5. Kelly F.

    Looking for hard top storage bag / cover

    Looking for a storage bag for my hard top, I can't find just the cover. Bestop/Hoss offers the cart and cover but not just the cover. Anyone have a cover or know where to look/get one? I see JK covers but not sure id they'll fit. I want a fully enclosed cover/bag because my top will be stored...
  6. Kelly F.

    QuadraTop Adventure Top vs Bestop TrekTop

    Shopping around for a new top, no rush but want the best option for price and quality. I've found the QuadraTop Adventure Top and the Bestop TrekTop, both of which I really like and are very similar. Anyone have either of these? If so, what's your experience/opinion with either top.
  7. Kelly F.

    WTB: Fiberglass uppers-Spice

    Looking for a set of fiberglass uppers, spice preferred. I see bulldawg brand works with original hardtop and some soft tops.