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  1. SkylinesSuck

    How much HP can a 4.0 handle?

    Super not worth it. Horsepower is made in the head, not in the bottom end. I'd even venture to say the amc I6 has more aftermarket support than the Ford with more power potential to boot. I know nothing of the GM. Regardless, if you are swapping motors, sticking with an I6 for form factor...
  2. SkylinesSuck

    How much HP can a 4.0 handle?

    There are so many different angles to this with so many different variables. The way you asked the question, you are asking about the limits of the motor holding together. That's going to be limited by block strength and keeping the head planted on the block with lifting under yuge cylinder...
  3. SkylinesSuck

    How can I fix this exhaust leak?

    Oh yeah? What would you know about rust under vehicles? 😆 (I'm from E 63 & Fleet Ave)
  4. SkylinesSuck

    Anyway to stealth sleep in a TJ?

    That was actually a thing when I was in the military. People would frequently drive smashed back to base and park in the visitor's parking lot just outside the gate to sleep it off. Drunk thinking was don't go through the gate where you have to show your ID and get popped. They started...
  5. SkylinesSuck

    Anyway to stealth sleep in a TJ?

    I was thinking of some version of that. If somebody could produce a hammock that attached to the two front spreader bars by the windshield, then made an adjustable bracket that inserted into a trailer hitch of some sort for the rear attachment point, then a small "tent" portion that kinda...
  6. SkylinesSuck

    A lesson learned—keep it light and nimble!

    I'm in NC right now but will holla when I get back. Gotta bring you a radio anyways 🙂
  7. SkylinesSuck

    A lesson learned—keep it light and nimble!

    I will be paying particular attention to this step. Can you take a pic of the empty area above the crossmember you have to work with? I want to get an idea of what fun I'm in for.
  8. SkylinesSuck

    Not another oil thread

    Oil can "expire" with no miles just by being exposed to the air. 6 months seems really quick though, especially considering all those miracle additives you have in your oil protecting your engine 😆 I wouldn't worry about changing it in the least.
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    Tennessee 2006 Jeep LJ FOR SALE

  10. SkylinesSuck

    Front camera for crawling

    What were you using to select back and forth between the cameras before? I saw the Amazon link to the multi-input doohicky, but was there an actual switch you added, or did you use some other trigger?
  11. SkylinesSuck

    GMRS Radio

    Technically speaking, the only gains to be had are by having an antenna tuned specifically to GMRS frequencies. If you are trying to touch other frequencies, compromises will have to be made somewhere. The radios will perform the same for all intents and purposes assuming transmitting power is...
  12. SkylinesSuck

    Johnny Joint thunk?

    I have a track bar relocation bracket on my 8.8 as well as an adjustable track bar. It was centered shortly after the axle swap, but I'm about to go a little higher and do a tummy tuck at the same time, so it'll get adjusted soon again anyways.
  13. SkylinesSuck

    Nevada 04 Rubicon with 15,600 miles

    You need 20 posts to be able to PM.
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    4.6 stroker

    Depends on your budget and your goals. Stroker will be bolt in and cheaper. LS will be much more expensive but definitely more power and a better motor. There are definite obstacles to overcome with the install though. I will leave that part to somebody with experience in that area.
  15. SkylinesSuck

    I'm going green

    Next upgrade for the TJ. Really looking forward to the sweet parking spots and confusing all the tree huggers!
  16. SkylinesSuck

    Why do my front control arms rotate after driving?

    That was the first thing I checked. I also looked for marks around the washers for evidence of sliding around. Nada.
  17. SkylinesSuck

    Why do my front control arms rotate after driving?

    That makes sense, thanks for the input. I'll keep hunting. The grommet thing still stands for anybody anal about having centered JJ's. Not a concern for me, but it was the original subject of the thread. Currie wanted $2.25 a pop IIRC.
  18. SkylinesSuck

    Supercharger for my 98 Sport

    I wouldn't install that boosted tech "kit" on my rig.
  19. SkylinesSuck

    Why do my front control arms rotate after driving?

    Mine are freshly rebuilt and it made them a lot less likely to smack around, but I can still make it happen if I try hard enough. Maybe something else is making the noise, but I doubt it.
  20. SkylinesSuck

    Supercharger for my 98 Sport

    I don't mean this as dick'ish as it sounds, but if you are asking questions like that, you need to put a lot more time and research in to figuring out what all is required to supercharge your TJ. There's a lot of things besides the supercharger, but pistons isn't one of them (for any size...