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    Wrangler EV will go 0-60 in 6 seconds

    Impressive acceleration, but I'm still waiting to see if there will be a 2-door option.
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    Sending Support to Military Families

    With all this Iran stuff starting up, I know a lot of people here with military families are being affected, whether it be from being directly called up to duty, or just the other shifts in the community that go with this sort of stuff, so I just wanted to give a call of support to all of you...
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    The Avatar Car

    You know, the Jeep TJ is a great car...but don't you wish it could express to the rest of the world how you feel?? Well, don't worry! There's a new car coming out just for you! This new Mercedes comes with...
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    Quad-Motor Tank Turn

    Electric vehicles have gained a lot of notoriety lately in the realm of speed, but apparently there's a company doing some pretty cool stuff with maneuverability in trucks by utilizing a quad-motor configuration to allow the vehcle to do a pivot turn in the same style as tanks can do when they...
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    I don't need it

    But I fucking want it! I mean, who doesn't want to turn their TJ into a pseudo-tank?
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    Mud stains on a soft top

    I had some fun in the mud earlier this summer, but got lazy and didn't wash the Jeep for a while after. By the time I got around to it, there were still stains from the mud splatters in my soft top. I didn't think much of it at the time since I figured they would come out eventually, but it's...
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    Why The 2004 To 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 'LJ' Is The Holy Grail Of Jeeps

    Just realized Chris already posted this here: Doh! Sharing an article that popped up on Jalopnik...
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    The best thing about following economic news

    Sort of a side tangent here, not really intended to be political, but I tend to read up on a lot of economic news and I always love the random photos of people on wall street either looking sad or happy to be paired with either good or bad news headlines. They just always look so cheesy and...
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    Rust Free

    Couldn't help but chuckle when I came across this Craigslist ad with the title "Rust free Wrangler tub 1998 - $1075". This was the first picture, so I though "Ok, rust free maybe, but it's...
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    Horn Switch Wiring

    Looking for some input to handle an issue with my horn. My horn quit working a while back and I'm pretty sure it was related to some other work I did in my steering column a while ago. I've tested and verified that it's not an issue anywhere in my power distributor or with the relay...
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    Spare Tire Advice

    I just upgraded my tires to 31s, but the spare is now just a bit too large to fit since it's now hitting my bumper, even though the brake light still clears over the top. I've considered a few options, but wanted to see if there was anything better that I hadn't considered: 1) I could get a...
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    How Thanos will die in Endgame (fakespoilers)

    Seems that Ant Man will save the Marvel Universe!
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    I got a Jeep Birthday

    I'm about to be travelling over the date of my actual birthday, but I got a nice surprise over the weekend with a Jeep-themed birthday from my better half: As for the gifts themselves, I got a pretty cool Jeep puzzle and a set of whiskey tumblers. The tumblers aren't Jeep themed, but I love...
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    Stock JL vs Modded TJ Off Road

    Kind of an interesting vid comparing a stock JL to a TJ that's built up a bit. Some may find some of the TJ mods a bit questionable (lockers and 35s on Dana 35/30 axles), but still was pretty neat to watch.
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    Anyone used this "iVault" product before?

    I've been thinking about stereo stuff a lot lately and I was wondering if anyone here has used the "iVault" sold by Quadratec. The reviews seem a bit mixed, particularly with one person saying that it didn't fit their '06 (same year as my Jeep), but I'm still a bit curious since there don't...
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    House flipping... with Jeeps?

    Came across a pretty cool article on Jalopnik. Apparently a Jeep club came together to help a guy out who had his house knocked over after hurricane Michael. He couldn't get to his belongings with the house on its side and was having trouble finding someone who could help get his house flipped...
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    Car Jack Comparison with Hydraulic Press

    Not sure if anyone here ever watches the Hydraulic Press channel on YouTube, but they posted this video today and I thought people here would find it pretty interesting since it paints a pretty good picture for how these jacks compare. Now, unfortunately, there was no Hi-Lift jack used here...
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    Every Single American Car Brand Is on the Bottom Half of Consumer Reports' 2018 Reliability Rankings Ouch! Unfortunately, this isn't too surprising and I have to admit that if I were to buy a new car today, I'd definitely stay away from most American brands. This may only be comparing based on expected...
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    Coming to VR: Building an engine?

    I came across this on Reddit: Apparently there's a VR game in the works to replicate building an engine in a car. It seems like a pretty neat idea and may be a good way to getting more people into...
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    X-Jack? Anyone used one of these?

    Has anyone ever used one of these things? I just heard of it recently and it seems like a clever way to use your exhaust to lift you off a bad spot, but $230+ seems like a lot of bank to throw at a hose attached to a balloon. I'm also wondering just how durable they are...