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  1. Vinsane

    Wheel spacers

    Does anyone run wheel spacers with no loctite? Just torqued.
  2. Vinsane

    First timers noob build.

    Hey all, new to the jeep world but I have pretty much become obsessed.This is the first Jeep Ive ever owned. 97 2.5 liter. Just wanted to document everything I do do this stock,as far as I can tell, TJ. Feel free to join along for the ride and ridicule/help as much as you like.
  3. Vinsane

    Sticker I.D.

    Does anybody know what this sticker is? It came on my jeep. Not sure if its a jeep thing or some random .
  4. Vinsane

    Strange wires

    Hello all. I was looking around thru my new jeep and came across these 2 strange wires . Any ideas? Im guessing an old stereo component and /or alarm system. The one that is still half connected is mainly concerning.
  5. Vinsane

    Will these JK wheels fit on my TJ?

    Hi everyone. I just got a 97 TJ . It is stock everything.The tires are completely bald. I found some tires and wheels really cheap from a newer Jeep model, [ not sure which one], I was just wondering if I will be ok with putting them on for just street driving until I can get a lift put in. They...