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  1. Rockwalker

    A lesson learned—keep it light and nimble!

    Glad you found it before it was exposed to the challenges of the VA weather/roads. I moved from Texas to Utah this past fall and have kept my two TJs in the shop thru the winter to avoid the winter road salt here. Yours looks like a great project!
  2. Rockwalker

    February 2021 Ride of the Month (ROTM) Contest

    2000 TJ Sport doing what it does best...
  3. Rockwalker

    SOLD 2003 TJ Rubicon with 22k

    Very nice! Rare find indeed. I would definitely consider it if I already didn't have three wranglers.
  4. Rockwalker

    Nevada 04 Rubicon with 15,600 miles

    Looks like someone invested quite a bit of $$ to enhance this Jeep's offroad capability. Does this still have the stock gearing? I don't think we've seen lower miles on an 04.
  5. Rockwalker

    SOLD 2002 TJ built for off-roading

    It is hard to adjust to the $$$ of the new JLUR even without the diesel--especially when you compare capability to your well built TJ here. Looks like a great setup.
  6. Rockwalker

    SOLD 2004 Rubicon

    Good looking stock jeep!