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  1. Don Ashcraft

    Anyone have experience with ShopJeepParts?

    Has anyone had any experience buying parts from shopjeepparts dot com or Z&W Off Road? I get nervous when shopping for the best price but $50-$100 off retail is hard to pass up. Time will tell because I already ordered an Antirock from them lol. Guess I hoping I didn’t just waste my time trying...
  2. Don Ashcraft

    My ‘06 TJ “Lil’ Miss Hindsight”

    I kept playing with the idea of making a build thread on my TJ but it just slips my mind when I start working on her. So I figured I would at least throw a couple pics up and note what I’ve done so far and my plans from here. When I bought her she had right under 100,000 miles. The previous...
  3. Don Ashcraft

    Looking for thoughts and opinions on the Antirock

    I've been spending the past year checking off repairs, maintenance and upgrades that I planned and have finally got the time for. The next few things on my list are shocks, BDS coil springs, and possibly a Currie Anti-rock sway bar. As of now I've got new Rancho shocks and a 2" BB so I'm think...
  4. Don Ashcraft


    I've been spending most of the pandemic wrenching on my Jeep. It's been a silver lining to this whole mess. This past Christmas my wife expressed her undying love for me with a set of Rancho 5000x shocks...Now, I'm not much of a romantic, but that spoke to my soul. Jeep Parts: The Gift That...
  5. Don Ashcraft

    Any issues using Tire Rack for wheels and tires?

    I live really close to a Tire Rack distribution center so I can save a ton of money buying wheels and tires from them. Has anyone had any experience with them? Good or bad? Should I contact them and request they use weights on inside of wheel when balancing...etc?
  6. Don Ashcraft

    Hi, I’m new!

    I’ve been posting quite a bit since joining. I put up a thread in the Members Rides section but didn’t realize this was here lol. So I guess I should put something up. Although to be honest, I was welcomed right away. This forums great. My name’s may have guessed that though...I have...
  7. Don Ashcraft

    Don Ashcraft's 2006 Jeep Wrangler SE

    This is my yellow ‘06 TJ. A series of unfortunate events coupled with equally good timing allowed me to pick her up this past June. She had 94,000 miles when I took her home. The previous owner added some things. It came with a 2” Rubicon Express economy lift, OME steering stabilizer, rocker...
  8. Don Ashcraft

    Redline MTL vs Motorcraft Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid / XT/M5/QS

    I’m not sure if I’m asking this in the right area of the forum. I’ve been concerned about my trans shifting hard especially when cold. I planned on taking it in. After being on here and reading others thoughts it seems a common issue with the ‘06 six speed manuals. I’m going to change the fluid...
  9. Don Ashcraft

    Has anyone used Quadratec Baja Xtreme II Wheels?

    I’m going to be getting new wheels and tires in a couple months and I’ve been trying to do so research into what I can get for the money. I really like the soft 8 style and originally I was set on 15x8 American Racing 172 Baja in satin black. The thing is, after research, discussion, etc, I’ve...
  10. Don Ashcraft

    33/10.5R15 or 32/11.5R15?

    Hi all. I'm new to forums in general and still new to my TJ. I've wanted one since I was a boy but was never in the cards. After my second XJ went to pasture, a stroke of luck found me parking my first Wrangler in my driveway. I got it this summer and have been impatiently waiting for my bank...