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  1. jordans05tj

    A Nice, Moderately Built TJ

    So apparently there's an unspoken rule here that posting about your Jeep on another random thread is frowned upon, and we'll say I was "encouraged" to start my own build thread. This beats posting any updates on my Jeep in some random spot, so here we are. I'll start out with where my Jeep came...
  2. jordans05tj

    Opinions on Warn X8000i winches

    So I found a guy local to me that has a Warn X8000i for sale. He says it has a new motor, a new solenoid, he repainted it and put a 25k synthetic rope with a factor 55 prolink on it. He said he wants to sell it because he upgraded to a higher capacity winch. He's asking $650, is that a good deal...
  3. jordans05tj

    Build Progression

    So I've come up with some form of a game plan for how I want to build my Jeep, I'm wanting to do it in stages and I wanted to hear some opinions from those who know more than me. I want to end up tummy tucked with a Currie lift and 35's. My Jeep has the Dana 35 out back, but a super 35 kit will...
  4. jordans05tj

    WTB: Warn 8274 to restore

    I'm looking for an old school Warn 8274 that I can rebuild. I'll probably upgrade the motor and the contactor/solenoids anyway, as long as the gear set, brake, and housing are in decent condition I'm interested
  5. jordans05tj

    Front End Noises

    So I have a rattling noise coming from the front end when I hit bumps. I have a video here of me slamming into a speed bump so you can hear it, but it does it on any decent sized bump. I took the sway bar ends out this morning and it's still doing the same thing, the video is with them off...
  6. jordans05tj

    2002 vs 2005

    I have a bit of an interesting problem here, and I'm sure it's one a lot of people here have had. I'm currently in a 2005 TJ X with the 6 speed and 3.73's, 122k miles. Very clean and straight, it was a solid buy at $8k. My only complaint about it is that it doesn't have the Dana 44. I found a...
  7. jordans05tj

    Cheap TJ Anybody looking for a cheap project? No details or pictures on where it's rusty, but a $3900 TJ with the 4.0/5 speed should get some attention
  8. jordans05tj

    Door Switch Shutoff Question

    I'm looking for a better way to keep the lights turned off when I remove the doors. I normally just pull the fuse, but I'd like to have a switch to control it. Quadratec makes something for this and I'm going to attach a picture of it. I don't want to spend $30 on $10 worth of stuff, and it's...
  9. jordans05tj

    Auxiliary Light Wiring

    I'm adding a little bit of additional lighting and I'm weighing options to wire them up. My 2005 has factory wiring for fog lights, but didn't come with fogs originally. My first option is to purchase a multifunction switch, plug in a relay, and get adapters that go from the factory plug on one...
  10. jordans05tj

    Currie Short Arm vs. Savvy Mid-Arm

    I'm going to start a build sometime in the next year or so and I'm looking at my options for suspensions. I've currently got a TJ, but I think I'd rather build an LJ. The end goal is a Jeep I can take across the country and do some pretty tough trails, but I'd also like to be able to drive it to...
  11. jordans05tj

    2005 TJ 4.0

    I've always wanted a Jeep and I was looking for the right one for a long time. I really wanted (and still do want) an LJ, but I found this 2005 TJ in early March 2019. It had just under 110,000 miles and it was extremely clean inside and out. The first picture is the day I went to look at it, I...
  12. jordans05tj

    Jerking / Bucking Before Shift

    So I've got a 2005 TJ with the straight 6 and a 6-speed, 120k miles. As I come to the top of a gear to where I need to shift, it starts violently jerking and bucking but immediately stops when I depress the clutch and shift, only to continue at the top of the next gear. It doesn't do it all the...