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    New York SYE complete KIT NOS 50-7905

    For sale a complete uninstalled NOS SYE kit 50-7905. Never got to complete the build and purchase of the YJ last year and moving to a different platform. Purchased as an Advance Adapters kit on eBay, but could never verify. My loss your gain. $160 plus shipping for the complete kit in NOS form.
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    New York --Lowered price-- Random Technologies High-Flow Catalytic Converter and new V-Bands

    Going through the parts I will not use further on the TJ. I bought this High-flow cat to try about a year go, but decided to just keep using the Magnaflow unit I currently have installed. Brand new and uninstalled. Surface rust from sitting under the driver's seat for the past six...
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    New York GenRight rear 4" flare bolt-on hi-fenders in steel for Jeep TJ LJ YJ CJ

    Bought from fellow member here Plans have changed and will wait until the Fall to upgrade the Tub and rear. These were primer coated and covered with KBS top coat black(laid thick) to prevent rust and get them ready for installation. They have been sitting in the garage since then. Original...
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    What is everyone using to treat / corrosion proof their aluminum skids with?

    Finally got the UCF skid after waiting a bit. I'm in the NY area( Just north of NYC) and the roads get salted/brined with some nasty stuff. I don't want to have the skid plate self dissolve after a winter or two, much less start acting up against the frame and screws with the salt and making...
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    WTB: Stock transfer case skid plate for 97-02 with manual transmission

    As the title states, I am looking for a stock skid plate for a 97-02 TJ. Doesn't have to be perfect, just not rusted through at the mounting points. As I get ready for the SYE I fear that when I take it off the mounting areas will need to be welded/repaired. Not looking to do a semi-tuck until...
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    New York Smittybuilt Gen 2 X20 Hook

    Hook came off the X20 12k lbs winch. I replaced it with a Factor55 Link. The hook itself is in unused condition(no pulls etc) $10 plus shipping from 10603 or picked up
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    SOLD Stock 4.0 airbox

    For sale the stock airbox off the 4.0 Great condition and semi-new filter. $10 plus shipping of picked up in Westchester county NY Edit: This is for just the airbox. No tube included
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    SOLD Brown Dog 1” Motor Mounts

    I purchased these back in March of this year trying to gather parts for a MML and a stroker setup. I have changed plans and doing a full SYE and lower tranny mount later and instead of a stroker collecting parts for a Magnum 318 swap. Purchased from 2006TJ1 I believe the first or second of...
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    SOLD KC Gravity G34 Driving Beam Light

    For sale a pair of KC Gravity G34 LED lights. This pair of Gravity lights is perfect in every way! Small, super bright (these things are really, really bright) and weather proof. I had these on my windshield mounts for about four and a half months or so. Haven't been used much really...
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    SOLD JW Speaker 8700 EVO J-Series Dual Burn 7 headlights

    Decided to go a different route. These headlights are amazing. Haven't had a chance to do a comparison post as I have been super busy with work, but there are tons of reviews and videos out there for these. These are the EVO J-Series with the built in Flicker control as needed for the JK...
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    SOLD KC stock light switch and bar pin eliminators front or rear

    I have two sets of bar pin eliminators for sale. New in package and another one out of package just to check the parts. $15 ea shipped(price lowered) KC light switch brand new. Ordered two to install, but now going a different route. $16 shipped all connectors and plugs. New
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    SOLD KC Bumper Override Bar

    For sale a KC bumper override bar. I had this on the jeep for about two months. Doesn’t fit my current setup with the winch. Selling as is. Barely worn. Looks almost as good as new. $25 plus shipping or picked up in or near 10603
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    SOLD Almost new winch plate

    Purchased this winch plate to mount the Smittybilt X20 just last week and decided to use a lifted plate instead to make sure both my bumper and winch were straight. Plate is almost new as it was only installed and left in for a few days without driving the jeep. You can see the installation...
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    SOLD Polk DB461

    These speakers were on my TJ for about four to five months. Purchased to try the sound of them compared to the DB401 units that were installed previously. Better sound for sure. Deeper and higher brilliance if that makes sense. I ended up swapping to kicker CSC5 units because the kickers suit...
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    SOLD Rigid Industries Dually Flood LED 3 Cubes PN 20211 Pair Plus Rigid Amber covers

    Pair of Rigid Industries Dually Flood LED PN 20211 Pair Plus Rigid Amber covers. The covers are brand new as well. Just mounted to test the light and such. These were going to go on the front bumper on the outside as ditch/fog lights. Amazingly bright with and without the covers. Wiring loom...
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    SOLD Rugged Ridge 3 LED Cube light Pods Driving beam

    For sale a pair of Rugged Ridge 3" LED light pods. Driving beam pattern. These lights are bright!!! Working perfectly, albeit showing signs of daily use from being installed. Mounts and wiring included.
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    SOLD Vintage KC Daylighters

    These are the classic chrome bodied 6” halogen Daylighter light pods. These things are bright Was going to restore them and use them in the front of the jeep, but decided to just go full LED. The chrome is almost perfect and can use a polish. One of the Pods has a small easily pulled dent...
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    New York IPF 6” A pillar Lights

    For sale these 6”(actual measurement is 6.5”) IPF halogen light assemblies that were one my Jeep when I got it. These things are bright, but they’re a driver style beam. Lens is clear and not cracked. The rear is faded a bit, but intact. will make a perfect set of bumper lights. Upgrading to...
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    New York Amber LED 12 diode sealed lights

    Selling these lights I never got to instal. Decided to go with the LED 3/4” bulb ones instead. For sure these will work with your current stock system for turn signal and driving lights. These are new in the box. I paid $14 shipped from amazon. $9 shipped CONUS
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    SOLD Kicker Hideaway subwoofer (brand new, never installed)

    For sale a new in the box never installed Kicker Hideaway HS8 unit. I purchased this a couple of years ago for my wife’s GLI and never installed it. Had a similar unit in my JKU and the sound was amazing for such a little unit. No need to worry about running an amplifier as this is built into...