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    Rear axle seal leaking - can I still drive my Jeep?

    Taking it into shop tomorrow, but I need to go somewhere urgently today. I've done 300km since it started leaking as I had to return from a trip. There is oil all over back wheel. Will it damage anything if I drive it?
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    Thermo fan—can I mount in front of radiator & keep viscous fan?

    It gets very hot where I live. Is it possible to add a thermofan in front of the radiator (in front of AC condenser) while keeping the viscous fan? I imagine most people remove the viscous fan.... but I like the idea of keeping it in case the electric one stops working.
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    What do I need to replace after drunken night of 4 wheeling?

    We had a boozy night out, carved up some dirt tracks and at some point I hit at least one embankment, not even sure from which direction, I was backwards at some point. What the hell have I done to my jeeeep. Is it bad? All the control arms were new a few months ago. Can I drive it like this...
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    Gear shifter slipping out of gear after transfer case drop

    Got a 6 speed manual. My jeep mechanic did a belly drop as I have lift kit. Ever since it's been slipping out of gear in 2nd, 4th reverse etc. Also it won't go into Low 4 as the whole gearbox is now lower... shifter stalk seems to be hitting the plastic surround and preventing it from going...
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    Which scan tool?

    Is it worth getting a Smartphone so I can run BLueDriver? Any plug in ones that don;t require smarphones?
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    What are the physics advantages of putting spare in trunk vs on rear mount?

    I remember hearing Elon Musk saying how porsches made a huge mistake putting engines in the back, because by putting the weight behind the rear axle, it messes up the handling big time. Anyone moved their spare to inside the jeep and noticed a difference? Thinking of doing this. This video is...
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    TJ drives much better after going down to 32 inch tires from aggressive 33s

    Also went from 12.5 inch wide to 11.5 inch wide. Still on muddies, but More torque, higher top speed, zippier in and out of traffic (toot toot), can turn full lock now, lower center of gravity, handles like a sports care in comparison. I've driven a stock TJ with 29's and that thing chirped into...
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    I managed to fit 6.5 inch speakers in the front of my TJ - They sound amazing

    Got these pods from Ebay Australia (Australian made for 79 Landcruiser rear doors, not cheap, but did the trick.) I Glued them to the hard top using selleys "The One Adhesive" so I imagine they are not going anywhere soon. I left a slight gap in the glue so I could feed the wiring though, and...
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    98 octane fuel: Should I get a tune to run it?

    I know these are designed for 91 octane or whatever. I have 98 octane here and am tempted to run it. Will I damage my engine running high octane fuel.... and is there en ecu tune I can get specifically to give me more power by running this fuel? Quicker off from the lights etc. More touque.
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    HELP Crown OPDA doesn't line up exactly in same position as old one, slightly off

    Doing this job right now. Installed locating pin into old one before removing it like in video. Put pin in new one, went to drop it in and it won't allow me to drop it in at exactly the same position. I compared the flat bit at the ends, and the new crown one is at slightly different angle...
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    New fan clutch with shorter threaded portion has fan hitting pulleys

    The old one had an inch+ threaded section. New one is slightly shorter. Fits on but fan blades are closer to pullies and slightly skim pullies etc. Other than smacking the blades out further with a hammer, is there a solution to this? Anyone had same issue? Can I space it out with a washer so...
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    TJ has LED round tail lights (fast flickering) but I have all normal front lights... 1 sentance fix?

    Can I just wire in a resister into the tail lights or get a relay? Just got to get it legal for a trip soon. Acceptable answers would be " resister XYZ into red tailight wire" etc Thanks
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    3 inch lift with 6 inch fender flares: What offset wheels do I need?

    Got a TJ 2006. I just want the tires to fill out the guards. It's got 2 inch lift plus 40mm coil spacer. Current tires are 33x12.5 but they sit 40mm outside guards, so offset of rims is obviously way out and they need to go. Current rims have no stamping/markings so no idea of offset. What...
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    It works! Revving the nuts off a TJ ended up giving it way more power (no more carbon buildup)

    Was reading about this yesterday, didn't have much faith in it working.... anyway stuck between 3000-4500 rpm for about 20 minutes, then BAM,,,, it got more powerful within seconds. I now have a far more responsive engine with way more power. Had to have made 20hp difference at then wheels...
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    Missing bolt bottom of exhaust manifold (high rev, tractor sound) what size bolt do I need? Thanks

    Must have fallen out offroad yesterday. Where red line is. Thanks
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    32x11.5R15 on factory 7 inch wide alloy rims? Daily Driver

    I'm in Australia. Bad idea? Got a set of 5 alloys for $100 if I want them. I have a 2 inch lift.
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    Will these American Eagle Alloys 15x10 fit my TJ?

    Seller says stud patterns are 5x4.5 & 5x4.75. Apparently they fit a 79 CJ. Thanks
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    Any way to fit 6.5” speakers into those 5 1/4” dash speaker pods for TJs?

    Just need a way to get 6.5's in the front, it seems damn hard. I've already got the speakers, just no way to fit them, Thanks
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    Anyone got budget mud tires that turned out to be great?

    I had some great ones called Maxtrek Mudtrac on my old 4x4 but can't find any currently in the size I need. Any other suggestions for good cheapies? I'm trying to save money :( I've been looking at Achilles Desert Hawk m/t but they seem to be a bit slippery in the wet in most reviews.
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    Doing preventative maintenance on my 2005 TJ, what else should I replace?

    2005 model. I've done: - Radiator - Coolant flush - Water pump - Thermostat - Radiator hoses - Heater hoses - Heat core bypass - Idler pully - Tensioner pully - Spark plugs - Coil pack - Belt - Control arms (all) - All wheel bearings & front hubs - New front rotors & pads - New rear drums...