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  1. Bird

    Can too much extra weight cause death wobble?

    Let my daughter, her boyfriend and 2 of his friends drive the Jeep and they returned claiming death wobble. Daughter is small Boyfriend = 420 lbs His friend = 320 lbs 2nd friend = 282 lbs.....yes I asked. I have relatively new 1 ton steering and never the slightest wobble , everything tight, TJ...
  2. Bird

    Well, ya'll got me today

    Ya'll got me for a couple of hours. Because of my utmost respect for the members of this forum and the advice given......I spent my afternoon realigning the front end of Jeep. I read on this site to do it once per year......well, accurate measurements showed it never moved from 1 year ago. I...
  3. Bird

    Never use high mileage oil?

    Just recently on a Hemi site that I visit, a couple of members boldly stated " never use high milage oil ". Claimed the additives over expanded the seals which eventually created bigger leaks. Now this is the first I've heard this and actually use a high mileage Valvoline Maxlife. It works as...
  4. Bird

    Anyone ever used tuners like Superchips?

    I recently talked to a guy at a restaurant as I was admiring his Jeep with 35's and asked him about his gears. He said no need for regear.....just tell the ECU you have 35's and the tuner adjusts the shift points in transmission. It can't be that easy can it ? He showed me his Superchips...
  5. Bird

    Mother nature claims my truck

    Well my luck "bad" with vehicles continues. 5 years ago my truck burnt to the ground so bought a low milage car to run to work in, it had an interference engine.....timing belt went prematurely destroying top of engine, that's a dumb design. Lol Bought another truck. Well, I own 70 acres and...
  6. Bird

    Do springs compensate for drivers weight?

    The reason I ask is, Recently did some hard wheeling and afterwards was doing general maintenance, greasing, checking fluids and so on. Well apon inspection, notice passenger front sagging 1" lower than driver's side so figured it was time for new springs do the same, 1" lower...
  7. Bird

    Another cool mod

    Vibration may be an issue but unlimited potential in deep mud.
  8. Bird

    Cracked a coil spring

    Got home from wheeling yesterday a noticed Jeep not sitting level with sway bar disconnected. Found deep cracks in front springs. Time to retire my outdated springs. I went ahead and ordered Teraflex 4" springs and Currie Antirock while I'm getting my hands dirty. Lol
  9. Bird

    Today's wheeling :)

    Got our first snow so out and about I day.
  10. Bird

    Are TJ's notorious for even tire wear?

    I recently spent a rainy day rotating tires....wife's car, daughters cars. I use a homemade depth gauge for sharpening chain saws. My TJ is showing completely even tire wear after 2 years. Only vehicle I've owned that had this kind of tire tire rotation required at this point. Odd
  11. Bird

    I succumb to rain

    Put my top and doors on today, a month early due to rain of EPIC proportions. I seriously doubt we've seen more than 2 days in a row without rain the entire summer, seriously. Now the TJ can get out and play without running from storms. Lol
  12. Bird

    Which way to loosen tie-rod jam nut

    In the process of installing a steering kit and my mind is programmed for lefty loosey. Facing the Tie-Rod from front of vehicle does the jam nut rotate counter clockwise to's tight but if i know proper rotation to free it, I'll get it. Thanks
  13. Bird

    To much Tow in ?

    A friend used my Garage today to rotate tires so i got nosey and measured his tow in at 3/8. It has me curious as to what harm or steering effects would this have other than possibly increased tire wear. 2006 TJ on 33's and i believe UTN steering.
  14. Bird

    More aerodynamic

    Just started running the hook like this. I'm banking on increased fuel economy.
  15. Bird

    What do ya' think of stop/start technology?

    A newer Grand Cherokee was following me light to light this morning and restarted on every takeoff. I simply will avoid any new vehicle that does this, if possible. My old school way of thinking is unnecessary wear and tear for the sake of minimal gas savings. Oh i realize this isn't...
  16. Bird

    Can I get by with replacing my lower control arms only?

    I've been in the process of making my TJ more offroad capable, replacing various parts for stronger more durable parts. Control arms are next and likely going with Savvy or Currie " Johnny joints ". I'm having no issues with my current arms and would like to simplify this job by skipping the...
  17. Bird

    Metalcloak Duroflex control arms?

    Was wondering if anyone has used these control arms, interesting concept. Going to replace all my lower control arms and keep coming back to these.
  18. Bird

    JCR 1 ton steering upgrade?

    Had the craziest thing happened. I recently ordered and received a Currie steering kit, yet to install and just won a fundraiser.....JCR 1 ton otn steering upgrade. I know this is a Y steering kit with Excellent reviews.....some are not though. I already own reamer's so can install either...
  19. Bird

    We have a serious matter that must be addressed

    There's been some major consequences since joining this site that I'm going to have to be compensated for. Everytime i log on I'm being purged with ideas or educated on a particular install which is fine BUT my standard of living has been compromised....have to be compensated. I'm an inocent...