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  1. Ron505

    2004 LJ $16k 160k miles Ohio

    Seems decently cared for...if I was looking for an LJ, I'd check it out.
  2. Ron505

    2003 Rubicon - Manual - 134k - $14k Midwest
  3. Ron505

    2005 LJ
  4. Ron505

    Clean Rubi LJ
  5. Ron505

    Not sure I should be passing on this...

    ...because I want it!
  6. Ron505

    Rubi on the cheap
  7. Ron505

    Kentucky Rush KY November 20th-21st

    I few of us are getting an AirBNB about 30 minutes away from the park and riding on Friday and Saturday. We've never been before, so would really like to be shown around a
  8. Ron505

    TJ Cummins Project
  9. Ron505

    2003 Power Steering Gear Box

    Well, the leak is getting worse, even after a teaspoon of brake fluid to try to swell up the seals. Since the 03-06 are Mercedes built, are there any decent, affordable options? I see that AGR and PSC make some. Would it be worth paying $500 for them, or just get a reman from Napa for $250...
  10. Ron505

    Quick Opinion on Pinion Angle Wanted / Vibration

    The Gold Digger has developed a vibration/slight knock from stop to about 5 mph. It seemed to happen more when I was turning, so I just pulled the front DS, and it's still doing it. I have read that it could be the rear pinion going bad, because the angle doesn't look like what I've read it...
  11. Ron505

    New Toy

    Mama's not too thrilled about it though....especially once I start racing again. A couple more years I can race the 50+ class.
  12. Ron505

    P0456 Small Evap Leak

    I just had this trigger my check engine light a week or so ago, so I cleared it, and it's on again. So I suppose it's time to look into it. Any suggestions on where to start would be greatly appreciated. I just checked it again, and it actually states "Very small leak" in parenthesis....ugh...
  13. Ron505

    Any Jeep Plans for the Holiday Weekend?

    Just wondering what all of you have planned? There are five of us with TJ's that are going camping (primitve) down in Tar Hollow State Park here in SE Ohio (Hocking Hills area). We will be heading down Friday afternoon/evening, setting up camp, and maybe a Friday night ride in the woods. The...
  14. Ron505

    Bartact Seat Covers In Stock?

    I'm ready to pull the trigger on these seat covers. My question is, does anyone know of anyplace that stocks them? Morris 4x4 has blk/camo, or blk/red in stock, but I'm looking for just blk/blk. I'm just too impatient to wait a month, so any helpful info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ron
  15. Ron505

    Aux Trans Cooler Install Question

    I just ordered my trans cooler the other day, and I'm hoping to install this weekend. The problem is I am reading conflicting information on if I should install before entering the stock/radiator cooler, or after. It seems to me like installing it before the stock one wouldn't work because...
  16. Ron505

    Bushcrackers strike again

    Well, I knew it was only a matter of time, and maybe it's a coincidence that I just installed my winch, but I have to wonder if the added weight helped contribute to my fender flare exploding, or if it was just the steep approach of this little hill that push it back into the fender flare. See...