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    Thinking of a snow plow

    I picked up this 1997 TJ last year from the original owner for a great price and it's in great shape. I'm seriously thinking of getting a snow plow for it and was wondering what those of you that have one think? I have about 800' of driveway to clear as well as some close by family that I plow...
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    I hate the carpet!

    I've owned a number of jeeps over the years (CJ3A, CJ5, CJ7, Commando a couple SJ's and a couple XJ's) and I picked up this sweet 97 last fall. I've been caught in a couple unexpected heavy downpours this year already with the top down. As expected my carpet gets soaked and depending on the...
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    What's everyone's thoughts on plugging the frame rail holes?

    So what's everyones thoughts on plugging the frame rail holes? Good idea or bad?
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    What's going on with this noise?

    My 97 Sport with 4.0 and 32RH just started making this noise. I just drove home after about a 15 minute drive to Lowes and back and while it was idling in the driveway this noise started. Any thoughts? It does get worse/ louder when increasing RPM's. Prior to this it has been running perfect...
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    JK doors on a TJ

    I saw an add for "Tubular doors" for sale. Seller states they are off a 2010 JK. Will they fit my 97? Great price with mirrors so I'm really interested.
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    ARB Locker vs ZIP Locker

    Found this....Interesting.